Friday, May 5, 2017

Ghanaians try and repeat the same thing done in Romania- Kubolor

Just a few hours after the Prime Minister in Romania stepped down, controversial musician Wanlov the Kubolor took to his Facebook wall to express his feelings on the situation at hand.

According to Wanlov, Ghanaians should try and repeat the same thing done in Romania.

Just within last week, about 200,000 Romanians took to the street to demonstrate against the Prime Minister, Mr. Victor Ponta who they accused of corruption.

That bloody protest led to the death of about 30 people. As a result of this, the Prime Minister peacefully resigned from his governance and had charged the country to appoint a new person in his place.

Surprisingly, Wanlov the Kubolor seems to enjoy this show and has charged his fans on Facebook to ensure such thing is done in Ghana. As to the reason for such action, no one knows.

This is how he put it up on his facebook wall:

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