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Top 7 wedding / honeymoon taboos to consider before getting married

There are many things which are considered as taboos in our daily lives. In whatever we do, we are often guided by a strict set of religious customs prohibiting or restricting certain practices. Weddings or marriages are not left out. There are several marital taboos that many couples must consider before tying the knot. Let’s have a look at a few of these.

1.      Not having a well structured budget - One of the greatest disservices a couple can do to themselves is not preparing adequately for the wedding in terms of finances. Most of the problems arising on the wedding day has to do with poor planning. Not having a well structured budget makes room for overspending which causes severe problems after the ceremony for the newlyweds.

2.                Not having a bachelors party or bridal shower - In the past, this wasn’t so much of a big deal and a would-be groom or bride could decide not to have a bachelorette or bachelors party and get away with it. These days, emerging trends have made it a taboo not to have a bachelors party or bridal shower on the eve of the wedding. These parties are usually considered the last nights of freedom for either couple. A time to have that kind of fun for the very last time.

3.                Men should not wear engagement rings - We are so used to seeing only the bride wear both an engagement ring and a wedding ring that it is quite unimaginable to see a man also wear two rings. Actually it is considered a taboo for the man to wear an engagement ring as it is considered as a thing for women. So the men only wear a wedding ring while the women wear both.

4.                Women proposing to men - This is a great taboo in many parts of the world. It has become a worldwide debate that seems to have no conclusion. Many believe that it is the sole responsibility of the man to propose love and marriage to the woman. This is generally accepted in many parts of the world hence the stance that when a woman proposes to a man, it is a taboo.

5.            Taking the woman's last name or the woman keeping her own last name - It is definitely ‘’abnormal’’ to see a man taking the last name of a woman after marriage. Although sometimes some women are allowed by their husbands to keep their surnames as part of their name, this practice is also not very common. The ideal thing is for the women to take up the surname of their husbands hence any deviation from this is considered a taboo.

6.                Couple must not see each other on the day of the wedding before the ceremony begins - This taboo is an old but very stringent one. Under no circumstance whatsoever is either the bride or groom allowed to see his/her partner on the eve/day of the wedding before the actual ceremony begins. This is an old taboo that actually still holds and is observed to the latter by many couples.

7.                The wedding rings must not fall - Why would you even allow the most important pieces of Jewellery to drop on that day? These two rings are always handled with care. Most people entrust it in the care of the best man but in some rare cases, the page boy. Using the page boy as the carrier of this important item makes it very susceptible to the fall which is considered as a very bad omen.

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