Monday, May 9, 2016

Haiti Announces Plans to Join the African Union

Haitian’s are part of the slave trade diaspora, descending from African slaves and with strong ties to countries on the motherland. So a recent announcement that the country is applying to become the first country off the continent to join the African Union, is not surprising, to say the least.

Haitian prime minister Dr. Garry Conille said "The African continent occupies a place increasingly important in the diplomatic action of the Haitian government … to this end, a process of participation of Haiti in the African Union was engaged with the President of the regional institution, for the grant to Haiti, of a status of associate member and of the accreditation of a diplomatic mission with that organization.
Haiti recently attended the African Union International Conference of Heads of State and Government, which was held in Addis Ababa in Ethiopia. They were there as a member observer, however the delegates were sprung with Haiti’s wishes to seek full associate membership.

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