Monday, March 28, 2016

Ghanaians should reject NPP and Nana Akufo-Addo for the sake of peace in our country

NPP rally

Sabbatical greetings to everybody.

Greetings to mi brethrens and sistrens,sons and daughters,mothers and fathers and all the good people in the world.It truly is a wonderful feeling to feel the presence of the Most High Jah!Babylon throne already falling!We will keep on chanting down Babylon to bring down the wicked ways.Babylon shall surely destroy itself in due time,time will tell,Jah's plan is perfect and sound.

One of the music of the reggae legend I love playing and listening to mostly is TIME WILL TELL. It goes like this: Jah would never give power to the baldhead.
Run come crucify the dread.
Time alone-oh,time will tell:think you're in heaven,but you living in hell.
Back them up;oh,not the brothers,
But the ones who sets em up.
Weep no more.

If you have a desperate opposition leader like Nana Addo,what you need to do is to beef up security in all establishment in the country.I think what is disturbing him is the fathers hope of telling him that one day he will be president of Ghana.What a wet dream.Even those who have known him for the past twenty years and so don't trust him how much we the youth who have never know him?As3m seb3.

I remember Kofi Koomson who said he cannot closed his two eyes if Nana Addo is the President of this peaceful country.He said the country will not be safe under him. The man is dangerous.Thats somebody who has known his for the past twenty years. As a nation we have experienced many opposition leaders but they have never been a threat to National security before.

The likes of J.A Kuffour and Atta Mills were all decent opposition leaders. How on earth could you bring these three South Africans to train people in weapon handling?To do what?

Looking at their ages too i think they might be dismissed from the service. How can a 39 year old man be an ex serviceman?There are more questions to be answered. They are more than the three the security agencies must dig deep to get the rest. Ghana will not die Ghana will live. We are safe under JM.#IchooseJM.

Have a blessed sabbath, give thanks and praises. I shall return.

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