Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Critics of Obinim’s snake comment are ‘satanic’ – Cwesi Oteng

Cwesi Oteng

Award winning Gospel musician, Cwesi Oteng, has jumped to the defense of controversial preacher and Founder of the International Godsway Ministries, Bishop Daniel Obinim, after the latter said he could metamorphose into any animal.
Bishop Obinim in a TV interview claimed that he could turn into a snake to unleash terror on his enemies.
Daniel Obinim
Daniel Obinim
“…a pastor like me who can turn into an animal, I can even turn into a snake and bite you…I can turn into a snake, enter your room [referring to the host] and after biting you, I will vanish. The next morning, there will be reports that someone has died from a snake bite [laughing] and I would have caused that death,” said.
Bishop Obinim further insisted that the people of Ghana have “not seen anything yet concerning the anointing on my life that Jesus gave me.”
But his wild and weird claim, has not been taken lightly by a section of Ghanaians who believe such statements cannot come from a genuine minister of the gospel.
However, Cwesi Oteng, took to his Instagram page to admonish his followers to desist from criticizing Bishop Obinim since to him there is nothing wrong with his claims.
He said “even people who don’t know Jesus and are developed spiritually can transform into anything, how about a prophet who says he can?”
“What Obinim said, I don’t doubt [it] because I believe it is possible. Don’t join the slanderers, they are satanic broadcasters. And God bless Obinim. Spiritual things are foolishness.”
Watch Obinim’s interview in the view below

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