Monday, February 8, 2016

Petra Trust Launches Savings Booster - A Groundbreaking Financial Product That Allows You to Turn Part of Your Income Tax into Personal Savings.

Accra, Feb. 4, 2016 –Petra Trust today announced the launch of Savings Booster, a groundbreaking savings product that enables individuals to boost their savings by shaving off a part of what they would have paid as income tax and adding it to their savings.
Mr. Kofi Fynn, the Managing Director of Petra Trust stated that “Compared to the several traditional savings products available on the market, Savings Booster, by virtue of the fact that it enables you to claw back on part of what you would have paid as income tax, starts you off in a significantly advantaged position. Even more importantly, when you compound the gains you make on these extra savings from taxes each time your salary is paid over the mid-to-long term, I can confidently say there aren’t any alternative saving products on the market that can deliver growth anything close to what Savings Booster offers.”

“With Savings Booster, Saving has Evolved
Savings Booster represents an evolution in the way we save because:
1.    Just as your employer pays your income tax on your behalf, Savings Booster allows your saving contributions to be paid on your behalf by your employer, enabling you to save consistently and effortlessly.
2.    It allows you to regularly add onto your savings and therefore grow your wealth without taking any extra cash out of your pocket and
3.    It contributes to the long-term savings pool of the country, and by so doing helps provide the much-needed mid-to-long term investments required to transform our economy. ” Said Mr. Fynn.

In addition to these, Savings Booster provides safe investment and great returns, with after-tax returns higher than the yield on 91 day Treasury bills. Additional safety is provided by the fact that it invests in a Tier-3 scheme regulated by the National Pensions Regulatory Authority. It requires no minimum deposit, and provides easy tracking of your savings with 24/7 access to your balance online. SMS notifications are sent with each credit to account and statements are emailed every quarter. Mr. Chris Hammond, the Deputy Managing Director of Petra Trust also added that ‘Another key feature of Savings Booster is that the funds in your account can be used as collateral, allowing you to easily secure a loan or mortgage without disrupting the growth momentum of your savings.

Petra Trust invites you to get an experience of how Savings Booster helpsyou growyour wealth significantly by turning part of your taxes into extra savings at

About Petra Trust
Petra Trust is the leading independent corporate trustee company in Ghana. Led by investment practitioners with decades of asset management and finance experience, Petra offers its scheme members the best opportunity to achieve a financially secure future. Petra provides a full suite of pension trustee services under the Pension Act of 2008.

Petra Trust recently partnered with LeapFrog Investments, the specialist investor in financial services in Africa and Asia, to take advantage of growth in Ghana’s retirement industry expected over the next four years.

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