Saturday, January 23, 2016

Pappy Kojo reveals his illuminati affiliation

Pappy Kojo

Well from the blue-montage visuals to the Glitz styled carpet background, and the white screen flashes we see dance hall songstress MzVee display her act with swag in’em jeans and bling-cap coupled with her baseball bat.
“Mensuro Obia” is arguably one of the most aired songs in 2015, a personal favourite and DJs love it. Speaking to fans in the latest footage, Pappy Kojo emerges from MzVee’s behind in a blue designer sweater with an illuminati symbol believed to be the PYRAMID SIGN merging into each other.
That sign in particular, is mostly a hand gesture that member use(or do) and it represent one of the most highly recognizable symbols of the Illuminati, the pyramid. Lower-level Freemasons use triangles, a two-dimensional pyramid.
Also, “Portland City” as seen in his sweater, a well-known Kenton Lodge which was founded in 1911(Portland) and renovated in 2011 to be the Kenton Masonic Temple, stands as one of the few remaining Portland Masonic buildings that is still for Masonic use. It serves as an anchor point for many freemasons.
All these may not make sense or you may not be able to link what to what for a better understanding because, the symbols and ceremonies of Masonry have more than one meaning. They rather conceal than disclose the Truth. They hint it only.
Last year, Pappy was rumoured to be gay (which is also a hint). Like other esoteric groups and some fraternities, the Masons have secret doctrines and initiations. The homosexual agenda is hidden from the membership. The esoteric all-male group known as Freemasonry (or Masonry/ Illuminati) has been connected to homosexuality by a number of researchers. The female inclusion is also a form of hint and distraction.
Not only does homosexual sex apparently play a role in Masonry, but so do homosexual orgies.
It unclear why the choice of that particular sweater but it may interest you to also know “Mensuro Obia” literally translate “I don’t fear anybody.” Of course he doesn’t own the song(fully) but he featured on the hit record and as it has been rumoured severally that members of the Illuminati clan are the most powerful the globe can boast of, it’s no surprise.
Well, it may be a coincident or the various hand gestures he displayed could also be an act of telling fans his new affiliation?
Meanwhile, this creative motion footage was directed by Nana Kofi Asihene, the same creative director who took Sarkodie’s Adonai (video) which featured missing Castro to the next level.
There were miraculous scenes and moves spotted in the video which raised eyebrows calling Sarkodie an illuminati (not the first time though) which he has also denied or said less about until his recent concert at the Apollo Theatre where he displayed giants signs and symbol which included the “All Seeing Eye.” The “All-Seeing Eye” floating is a representative of the Illuminati seeing themselves as gods, and being able to see and watch everything that we do.
The Illuminati are rapidly approaching their goal, thanks to the new breed of advanced technologies.
The Illuminati’s goal is to pro-enlightenment – to oppose superstition, religious influence, the abuse of state power, etc. whilst the Freemasonry is a fraternal organisation (or rather, various fraternal organisations) which originated in the concept of trade guilds. Individual lodges are internally very structured and it isn’t easy to become a Freemason.
One very big difference between Freemasonry and the Illuminati is that one has to believe in a supreme being to join. The historical Illuminati are anti-religious, and accused of atheism at a point in time. Freemasonry is also usually men-only, whilst Satanism certainly isn’t. However, all two groups have come into conflict with mainstream Christianity at one time or another, though for very different reasons.
Talk about how the “Blue Screen” music video shoot, a perfect and professional visuals I must say. Shooting on green screen can be very tricky. So much so, that often the viewer can easily tell that the footage they’re watching was shot on a green screen but hey this is very epic. I see less of attraction in the background as the camera mainly focus on both Pappy and Mzvee.
Whilst the videographer managed to make both artist storyboard or block out the camera positions, he also had the best angles to tell the story. See what I’m talking about below:

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