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Ghana’s Recruitment Solutions Leader, has launched a new promotion dubbed “Do you love your job?” to reward its users and encourage Employees/Jobseekers show a positive attitude towards their jobs.

The CEO of Jobberman Ghana, Babajide Otoki, in a statement in Accra during the launch of the contest said GHc 2,500 were up for grabs and its users could participate in the contest in four (4) simple steps;

1. Take a creative or interesting photo of themselves and/or their colleagues at work.

2. Like / follow Jobberman on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

3. Upload the photo to Facebook, Twitter and Instagram with the following hash tags  (#JobbermanILoveMyJob #ILoveMyJob #JobbermanGhana).

4. Invite your friends to like and share your photo.
In his statement, Babajide Otoki, mentioned that the promotion is aimed at encouraging Employees/Jobseekers to show how much they love their jobs and to give their best to their Employers. “Staying true to our vision of delivering to our clients resourceful and sustainable solutions to their needs, will continually to encourage its customers to use their services by rewarding some with the promotion prices”.
Accessing the services offers variety of benefits to users, making it a one-stop shop for customers.
Employees/Jobseekers simply have to encourage their friends to like their pictures on the Jobberman social media pages on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook and five (5) people with the most Likes and Shares will receive the price of GhC 500 each.
The promotion will run from August 20th to September 7th. Winners of the promotion will be contacted on the 17th of August 2015. is the number jobs website in Ghana. provides convenient and affordable avenues for recruiters to access a suitable pool of candidates for vacancies using the most effective and fastest tried and tested tools. has over 300,000 registered users.  Participants can visit the following pages for more information

Windows 10 Updating, Reinstalling And Activation Guide: Essential Advice To Avoid Problems

Yesterday saw the release of Microsoft’s highly anticipated Windows 10 operating system. For the most part things went fairly smoothly as it was rolled out over Windows Update, but a few problems have raised their heads with people unable to update or activate their new OS. Here’s a complete guide on how to how to avoid problems if you haven’t already updated, how download it, install it and activate it to make sure you register your free copy
Update first to activate
w10 update
Updating Windows 10 is a fairly painless process – image credit: Antony Leather
Whether you want to install a fresh or just install the update and leave it at that (this can install Windows 10 but keep all your files and programs intact), it’s a very good idea to install the update first by allowing Windows Update to do its thing or by forcing the download. This takes information about your system and allows Microsoft to register it, activating your copy of Windows 10 forever – you won’t be obtaining your free copy till you’ve activated. After this, you’ll be able to reinstall to your hearts content but if you create your own install media and install a fresh straight away,  you risk not being able to activate your operating system – more information on this in a minute.
Force the installation
W10 update tool
Microsoft has released a tool to allow you to manually force the update to be installed or to download the OS to create your own installation media
Some users have found that they’re still waiting for the update to be applied and I’ve certainly experienced this on one of my personal systems. I reserved Windows 10 and made sure my previous OS was up to date and of course it’s genuine too. However, I’m still waiting for things to kick off. Thankfully there’s a way to force the update to happen and to create your own media for installing a fresh on your PCs. A tool is offered by Microsoft allowing you to do this (download it here), which forces the update to download – useful if your PC or laptop for some reason hasn’t started the process yet.

Don’t have genuine product key/your key is built into your device?
Some devices including laptops made by manufacturers such as Dell, don’t have a genuine product key sticker located on the device somewhere. So, if you wipe your device and try to install a fresh, you’ll likely come unstuck when it comes to activating. In most of these cases, the key is stored in the BIOS of the system, so when you’d use your restore media to reinstall Windows, the OS would automatically activate online without you needing to do anything.
Unfortunately this isn’t great if you’re upgrading to Windows 10 – my own Dell laptop that I bought earlier this year didn’t automatically activate when I installed from scratch (not updating) using media created using Microsoft’s tool. When Windows 10 boots up from a fresh install, it will ask you for a product key and this isn’t the Windows 7 or Windows 8 key of your original OS – at least mine didn’t work – it’s one for Windows 10 that will have been applied to your device once you updated.
activate windows 10
I’m not saying that all devices will fail to update, but mine certainly didn’t – in any event, you can check whether your device has been activated in Windows 10 by going to the Start Menu > Settings > Update and security> Activation. If your device says it’s activated then all is well and good and you don’t need to do anything else.
So, what you actually need to do is update first to be on the safe side. This will register your device with Microsoft and once installed, Windows 10 will receive its own product key and once you’ve located this, you can note it down and use it to install Windows 10 from scratch after you’ve formatted your hard disk or are installing on a new one.
Find your Windows 10 product key
Once you’ve updated to Windows 10, either normally or using the tool listed above, you can use a program called ProduKey  (Download ProduKeyto reveal your Windows 10 key – this will only be shown after you’ve updated.
w7 key
Locating your Windows product key – image credit: Antony Leather
w10 key
Locating your Windows 10 product key – image credit: Antony Leather
As you can see above, a new line showing Windows 10 will appear in ProduKey, whereas on the same system before there was obviously nothing as Windows 10 hadn’t been installed yet. This product key is the one you need to use when installing Windows 10 from scratch. Once installed, during the setup you’ll be asked for it and inputting this worked first time for me, meaning my laptop has now been registered and can be activated again in future if I reinstall.
How to reinstall in future
There are numerous ways to clear your device and install afresh in future – either if you run into issues or just want to do some spring cleaning. Windows 10 includes a Reset option that allows you either remove everything and start afresh or to actually keep your files while removing programs and settings. To access this feature, go to the Start Menu>Settings>Update and Security>Recovery.
This section actually gives you a number of useful tools, including the ability to roll back to your previous version of Windows, or to restore Windows from a system image. Clicking on Reset this PC gives you two options – remove everything or keep your files so if you want to perform a clean install you’ll want to remove everything. This is easier than doing it manually with your own media (as shown below), but it’s worth noting that this will remove the option be able to roll back to your previous version of Windows.
reset windows 10 (2)
The next step is a good move by Microsoft as it gives you the option to wipe your hard disk – a very useful feature if you’re selling your device. This writes over deleted files that may actually be recoverable, even though you can no longer access them. This takes a while, though, so if you just want to reinstall, hit the ‘Just remove my files’ button.reset windows 10 (3)
Create your own install DVD or USB flash drive
Creating your own install media is useful as it allows you to install Windows 10 on any PC quickly and easily, removing the need to download it again. Use the media creation tool  to create your own install media by selecting ‘Create installation media for another PC’.
windows 10 usb cd
You can then select the language needed, as well as the version and whether you want a 32-bit or 64-bit version too. The Edition or version needs to be the same as your previous version of windows:
  • Windows 7 Professional and Ultimate and Windows 8 and 8.1 Pro users should select Windows 10 Pro
  • Windows 7 Home Basic and Home Premium and Windows 8 and 8.1 should select Windows 10 Home
windows 10 own media
Once you’ve selected the right version, the next screen allows you to create a bootable USB flash drive or DVD. When you reboot your PC you can select this as the boot device to install Windows. I highly recommend using a USB stick – it makes the installation much faster. You’ll need a 4GB flash drive.
boot menu
Change your boot device to USB or DVD – image credit: Antony Leather
Most PCs and laptops allow you to change the boot device for a single boot, often by tapping F12 during the early stages of a bootup. Select the USB flash drive, Windows 10 will start to be installed, then the next boot things will return to normal and allow Windows 10 to continue installing. If not, check to see which button you need to press to access the BIOS – usually ‘del’ or ‘F2′, again when your PC is first starting to boot.
In the BIOS you’ll be able to see a boot options screen, where you can select the USB flash drive as the first device. Save your settings, exit and reboot – you should enter the installation but you may need to head back into the BIOS to change the first boot device back to your hard disk or SSD.
It’s early days with Windows 10, but I hope this helps clarify some issues and also help with your problems, especially if you have a PC or laptop with a hidden Windows product code. If you have any questions, feel free to comment or grab me on Twitter –@antonyleather

Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Jerome Boateng becomes first football client on Jay Z’s Roc Nation Label

Jay-Z and Jerome BoatengGhanaian-German footballer, Jerome Boateng has become the  first football client on Jay Z’s Roc Nation Label as the hiphop mogul continues to expand his business interests to complement his legendary rap career. Roc Nation Sport has signed the Bayern Munich defender Jerome Boateng, brother of Kevin Prince Boateng.
The 26-year-old celebrated signing the deal at Jay Z’s sports bar the ’40/40 club’ in Brooklyn before continuing the party at the rap star’s private villa. “I took my sister and my best friend,’ Boateng told German newspaper Welt am Sonntag. ‘It was a great day with Jay Z. We could ask him anything.
“We mostly talked about music and football. Jay Z knows about football and has watched numerous games.
“America is a big market. With Jay-Z and Roc Nation I have a lot, we want to try what is possible.”
Roc Nation is the home to artists such as Kanye West, Calvin Harris, Grimes, Haim, Deadmau5, Rita Ora, with its sports roster including basketball player Kevin Durant, boxers Andre Ward and Miguel Cotto and baseball player Erick Aybar.

Otabil wants NPP to win 2016 – Koku Anyidoho

The Deputy General Secretary of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) Koku Anyidoho has said the General Overseer of the International Central Gospel Church (ICGC) Pastor Mensah Otabil’s pre-occupation now is to see the opposition New Patriotic Party(NPP) win power, so he can serve on juicy boards of some important state institutions.

According to him, Pastor Mensah Otabil for four years during the Mills’ administration consistently absented himself from all state programmes that had the national interest at heart even including national prayer services, but strangely now finds time to sit in NPP’s internal meetings.

Koku Anyidoho’s comments follow the recent meeting held at the instance of ex-President John Agyekum Kuffour where there were attempts to broker peace between the Presidential Candidate Nana Akufo Addo, National Chairman, Paul Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyepong.

The meeting was said to have been attended by some key senior clergymen including Pastor Mensah Otabil and Moderator of the General Assembly of the Presbyterian Church of Ghana, Rt. Rev Prof. Emmanuel Martey among others.

Speaking to Kwaku Owusu Adjei on Si Mi So on Kasapa 102.3 FM Monday, Koku Anyidoho stated that Pastor Mensah Otabil has amply demonstrated that he does not love Ghana as he loves the NPP.

He prefers the NPP to Ghana, his wish is that NPP comes to power at all cost so he can serve on juicy boards again, use VVIP and then be the Mensah Otabil that he used to be. He was on juicy boards under President Kuffour and that is a fact”.

“I have no problem if he supports NPP because the NPP is not a criminal organization, its a political party but it’s instructive that working with President Mills closely and the way he cared for this nation and wanted people to hold hands and pray, Pastor Mensah Otabil didn’t have time for that one, but now has time for NPP meeting. Now if he makes his submission we know where he is coming from”

Sundowns, Celtic interested in October

                                                Hearts of Oak defender Shaun October                                                                                           
PSL outfits Mamelodi Sundowns and Bloemfontein Celtic are reported to be keen on bringing Hearts of Oak defender Shaun October back to South Africa.

October, despite lacking more matches, the left-back has been impressive for the Phobians in the few games he has featured.

In February, he was named Man of the Match in the Ghana Premier League derby when Hearts travelled to Kumasi to record a precious 1-0 win.

According to Soccer Laduma, his performances have caught the attention of both both Downs and Celtic.
Hearts of Oak defender Shaun October

Game Recognize Game: Hip Hop giants finding value in Africa’s elite

Untitled design (5)
In addition to blessing us with tech innovations like social media, the information age has made the world ridiculously smaller. Nowhere is this concept more prevalent, at the moment, than in the entertainment industry. What once was an anomaly (of sorts) is now commonplace in artists looking to improve branding & expand their international presence by reaching new audiences overseas.
Entering in a picture – that was once almost exclusively dominated by collaborations with European & Latin musicians – is the African market. Under the “Afro” umbrella, musicians from “the motherland” are dominating the international music scene. Afro music commences with the historic AfroBeat genre, a traditional/contemporary sound pioneered by legendary Nigerian singer & instrumentalist Fela Kuti. His influence gave birth to hugely popular subcategories in AfroBeats, modern variations of AfroPop and even Afro&B (seeOgaSilachi), to name a few.
Not only is this eclectic sound popular within the continent of Africa (and its 1 billion inhabitants), it’s also sending waves through Europe – namely United Kingdom. The advent of social media has allowed for artists like Wizkid and Davido to become less dependent on the ‘mainstream’ route to success; instead allowing them to leverage digital platforms to reach their fans directly and amass huge followings in the process.
Insert North America’s elite.
Contrary to popular opinion, domestic artists – from the fairly new, like Fetty Wap to the fairly established, like Drake – benefit greatly from the association with these international stars. As the opportunities for music monetization continue to dry up, with album revenue at a stand still, touring and merchandise income become an artist’s best bet to cash in! By teaming up with the hottest acts overseas, artists in America put themselves in great situations to become global icons and acquire new audiences that allow them to earn big.
African musicians reap dividends as well, from this unity, in the form of validity and sense of respectability from the masses. Without a certain acceptance from influencers within the states, it’s hard for these musicians to truly break through, realizing global star potential.
I spoke at length with Sarkodie, the Ghana-based hip hop/hip-life star dubbed Africa’s best emcee and a leader of the continent’s ‘new school’ of sound. Sarkodie says the recent cultural fusion is due to artists looking to create beyond their “comfort zone”, in addition to the mutual benefit of discovering new markets.
“.. Of course you see most of the Americans want to tap into the markets on the continent here in Africa, so if you happen to be one of the lead artists – and I thank God for putting me in that position – one of the reps of Africans, you get to be one of the first persons to have a taste of it.”
From a financial/marketing standpoint, Sarkodie said it makes a lot of sense, as well, as ”you then double up with numbers since you have [access to] a different territory”.
Ice Prince (center left) meets JAY Z at ROC Nation in NYC
Hip hop moguls, Kanye West and JAY Z, have made valiant efforts to tap into West Africa’s flourishing music market. If you recall, Kanye’s label, G.O.O.D MusicsignedNigeria’s power duo D’Banj and Don Jazzy back in 2011 – before things reportedly went awry. JAY Z, in looking to expand his music/media entities (ROC Nation and TIDAL), has his sights on Nigeria and wants Ice Prince Zamini as his flagship actAkon was able to pry R&B pairing P-Square away from business independence, en route to a joint dealbetween Konvict Muzik & UMGAnd over the last three years, T.I.Rick RossWale,Akon and Ace Hood - to name a few – have jumped on huge African singles, respectively, meshing styles & cultures.
Despite these mutually beneficial arrangements of the recent past, it seems like 2015 is the start of something special; as the world keeps shrinking and a culture fusion – unifying the two worlds – continues.
In 2015, thus far, we’ve seen this trend take off with no indication of slowing down anytime soon. Last month, Davido (winner of the 2015 MTV Africa Music Awards’ “Best Male Act”) released a monster single featuring Meek Mill, entitled “Fans Mi”.
Davido ft. Meek Mill – “Fans Mi”
From a promotional standpoint the track couldn’t have dropped at a better time for Davido, as Meek’s Dreams Worth More Than Money sophomore studio album has experienced great success to date – including a number 1 ranking on the Billboard 200. The MMG prodigy also boasts the fourth highest selling U.S. album, of any genre, this year (behind Drake, Kendrick Lamar and Mumford & Sons). In addition to “Fans Mi”, Davido will also reportedly have Trey Songz, Akon and Wale on the final cut of The Baddest, his sophomore project set to release early August.
Wizkid ft. Drake & Skepta – “Ojuelegba (Remix)”
The second massive afro-collaboration of the summer comes from the 6 – by way of England. Last week, Drake premiered his version of Wizkid’s hit single, “Ojuelegba”, with help from UK Grime MC, Skepta – who helped make the collaboration possible. The remix was first heard during Drake’s inaugural OVO Sound Radio show, on the globally distributed Beats 1 streaming service. News of the unexpected remix set social media ablaze, with “Ojuelegba” eventually trending worldwide. Wizkid quickly took to Twitter to manage the hype, and alert his fanbase of more in store (three Chris Brown features, to be exact).
Sarkodie ft. Ace Hood – “New Guy”
Sarkodie connected with Florida-native & We The Best signee, Ace Hood, on “New Guy”. The pair swapped clever lines, discussed humble beginnings and identified themselves as new guys – bringing fresh, authentic elements to the culture. Sarkodie described the chemistry between himself and Ace as “too natural”, which he credited to staying true to his foundation.
“New Guy actually is one of the great records I’ve done, not [just] because I have Ace on it, but that’s one of my personal favorites because I was myself – this is the real Sarkodie.”
Ayo Jay ft. Fetty Wap – “Your Number (Remix)”

Ayo Jay, the talented Afro-pop vocalist & songwriter, recently enlisted Fetty Wap to lend his 2013 hit “Your Number” a street-vibe. The NEA Awards nominee for “Best New Act” issaid to have three songs with Fetty and could collaborate further, in the near future. Fetty, the New Jersey product taking the industry by storm, has also recently been linked to Davido, Wizkid and Ice Prince Zamini. In an Instagram video from late May, Fetty announced an Afro-Remix of his chart-topping, critically acclaimed “Trap Queen” with the Nigerian acts.
It’s been a huge summer for African sound and the artists that identify with, and embrace, it. This presents great opportunity for continued expansion of both music from the motherland, and American talent on an international level.
“I think music is actually breaking boundaries now, we’re all coming together as one.. [Other countries have] had their fair share… I think its just Africa’s turn”, says Sarkodie.
If smoke from these past partnerships are of any indication, there will be an abundance offire coming by way of collaboration, both sonically and business-wise, very soon.

Ladies, See Why Many Men Are Running From Marriage


When it comes to romance, many Nigerian men are actively engaging. Apart from their culture of carrying the financial burden of relationship with women, they harness every opportunity to appeal to their lovers, be it in their respective offices, religious organizations, parks, clubs among others. 

Despite the many attributes that could be said of Nigerian men, some ladies still hold a contrary account about them. Predominant among the contrary views women hold against men here is that no matter how romantic they are, getting them to the altar for marriage could be very challenging. 

So, what are those factors that scare our men away from marriage? We have compiled some reasons that make most men feel jittery about the issues of ‘Marriage’ these days. Details below: 

1. Scarcity of real wife materials Common among some men is the reservation that there is scarcity of ‘wife-materials’ in Nigeria. In this case, they are not referring to ladies not being in quantifiable distribution among men, what they are saying is that most ladies of this generation lack the necessary attributes that will qualify them for the lifetime commitment called marriage. But time of quality search can help heal the wound of such man. 

2. They get s*x freely without marriage than in time past Realizing now that they can get s*x more easily than in times past, when ‘virginity’ for women was a pass value to marriage, some men now feel lot of women today have lost it when it comes to keeping themselves whole. But, this might not be the fault of women as promiscuity is not an exclusive act. 

3. Nigeria weddings are getting too expensive In a country where a man is expected to marry a woman in three different kinds of wedding- Religious, Traditional and Court - the cost of marriage no doubt is something men find very intimidating. As of last year, the average Nigeria wedding cost something like N1,000,000 and it goes upward from that to more unimaginable cost. For most people, especially in this economy, that’s a lot of money. 

4. In search of a ‘working class’ Today, many Nigerian men are in search of a wife capable of sharing financial responsibilities with them. Gone are the days when men marry ‘full-house-wives’, the increasing cost of living has tilted most men in favor of ladies who have a means of livelihood and willing to share with their man, the burden of building a home.

5. Fear of freedom There is a common belief among some men that marriage puts an end to one’s freedom. Single men today are much more proud about not being dependent and being on their own. They fear marriage because they will become answerable for every action they take to their spouse. That is one big responsibility some men are not ready to take up.

 6. Unrealistic Expectations from In-laws Some parents have set certain standards for anyone who will marry their child, either way be it that such expectations are from the groom parent’s or bride, the regulations sometimes affect relationships. 

7. If the expectations are behavioral, the challenge might be little but there are some discouraging situations where parents decide the profession, properties, etc that must be acquired by the suitor before they can give out their child to him in marriage.

 8. Trust issues Most times, people fear to get committed into a relationship because of trust issues. Some men have been bruised in their past relationships and therefore they don’t want to put themselves out there again. 

9. Bad Testimonies from Married couple Generally, most men get intimidated by marriage as a result of the testimonies they hear from those who are in marriage. Before getting into marriage talks, it is a common thing among men to ask their brothers, friends who are already married on how the social institution is and the testimonies they get are most times discouraging, as such they fear their marriage will be a replica of the testimonies they have gathered.

 10. Cultural limitations Nigeria is a country with diverse culture and The diversity sometimes create challenges for men who are in search of women with similar culture. The good thing though is that those who endeavor to explore inter-cultural relationships get the opportunity to gain an in-depth appreciation of other customs. by Olufemi Ajasa

Japanese sprint superstar has Ghanaian roots

Japanese Sani Brown
Japan star Abdul Hakim Sani Brown who completed a sprint double at the just ended IAAF World Youth Championships in Cali, Colombia is of Ghanaian extraction.

The 16-year-old was born in Fukuoka to a Japanese mother and Ghanaian father.

He won the 200 meters in 20.34 seconds to break the meet record of20.40 set by Jamaican superstar Usain Bolt.

Sani Brown has moved into second place behind Bolt’s 20.13 on the all-time youth list.

He blazed his way to a championship record of 10.28 to strike gold in the boys’ 100m final on the opening day of the IAAF World Youth Championships.

His athletic ability is credited to his mother, Akiko, who competed in national high school championships as a sprint hurdler.

My son is mentally unstable - Mother of jailed gunman

The mother of a man arrested and jailed for ten years for illegal possession of arms says her son is mentally unstable.

Afia Agyapongmaa told Joy News' Kwakye Afre Nuamah her son had suffered this instability for over two years.

She was surprised by the decision of the Circuit Court judge to hand Charles Antwi ten years despite the clear indication the suspect was not in the right frame of mind.

Antwi, 36, stormed the Ringway Gospel branch of Assemblies of God Church, [the same church the president attends] Sunday with a gun hidden under his pants.

He was said to have sat three pews away, just behind where the president would have sat if he were to be in church. He wasn't on Sunday.

Charles Antwi gave himself away when he was found fidgeting on his seat. He was gently whisked away, searched, dispossessed of the gun and arrested.

He was dragged to court and handed a ten year prison term after he confessed to a plot to assassinate the president.

The sentence has generated controversy with some lawyers questioning the judge's verdict.

But the mother of the convict, said his son is not well. According to her Charles Antwi was staying in Sunyani but left to Accra to visit his brother.

He had been threatening to kill the president, the mother stated. She said they sent him to a number of prayer camps but did not succeed in healing him.

She is convinced however the sentence was harsh.

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

I wanted to kill Mahama – Gunman confesses

The suspect who was arrested at the Ringway Assemblies of God church for carrying a loaded gun has confessed that he went there to kill President John Dramani Mahama.

He said this in court on Tuesday.

He told the court presided over by Justice Francis Obiri that he wanted to kill the President Mahama to take over his position.

The 36-year-old Charles Antwi was caught by a lady church member whilst reaching his pocket for the pistol.

President John Mahama and his family who worship at the Ringway Gospel Centre branch of the Assemblies of God Church were not in church that day, according to a statement from the Ministry of Communications.

Church members around confirmed the man wasn't a member of the church and nobody could identify him.

Apart from the first family, other key government officials including the Chief Justice Georgina Theodora Woode attend the same church.

More soon...

'Killing Mahama will save Ghanaians from dumsor' - Gunman

Charles Antwi Gunman At Assemblies Of God
                                    Charles Antwi, the alleged gunman at Mahama's church                                                                        

The gunman who attempted to assassinate the President last Sunday has said he wanted to do so in the best interest of the nation.

According Charles Antwi, he wanted to save Ghana from the bad governance under the Mahama-led administration.

The suspect, Charles Antwi told the court that killing the President was his way of fighting for the nation.

According to him, the recurrent energy crisis coupled with economic hardships informed his decision to attempt to kill President John Mahama.

He also told the Court that after the death of President Atta Mills in 2012, he, Antwi should have been sworn in as President.

Antwi was last Sunday arrested at the Ringway Assemblies of God Church in Accra; the church where the President, his family and the Chief Justice, Georgina Woode worship.

The President and his family were not in church last Sunday, but security operatives escorted the “fidgety” and “suspicious” looking Antwi out before they found the gun on him.

He has since been sentenced to 10 years in jail.

Gunman in Mahama’s church jailed 10 years

Charles Antwi
The gunman who said he had wanted to assassinate President John Mahama has been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment.

The suspect, Charles Antwi was arrested last Sunday for wielding a loaded and cocked pistol at the Ringway Gospel Centre branch of the Assemblies of God Church in Accra where President Mahama worships.

Charles Antwi has been charged with unlawful possession of firearm.

He pleaded guilty to the charge proferred against him in court on Tuesday.

Foreigners shun Ghana; arrivals drop by 49,449 in 2014

Ghana recorded about 10% drop in the number of foreign nationals that visited the country in 2014, compared to the number in 2013, as a result of the Ebola scare and the rolling power cuts, popularly called ‘Dumsor’.

Foreigners’ arrivals dropped from 547,263 in 2013 to 503,996 in 2014, a reduction of 49,449.

The drop in foreigners’ arrivals could have serious consequences for the Ghanaian economy, which is already going through serious challenges. The drop in passengers could also be partly responsible for some international airlines folding up in Ghana.

German airline, Lufthansa, has informed government of its intention to pull out of Ghana from October 1, this year.

It will be recalled that Brussels Airlines pulled out of Ghana some two years ago.

The drop in foreigners’ arrivals also has serious implications for expected proceeds from tourism.

Data compiled by the Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) at the Kotoka International Airport (KIA) indicated that the 2014 Ghanaian arrivals of 270,694 is 2,467 or 0.92% more than the 2013 Ghanaian arrivals of 268,227.

The report noted that more foreign nationals arrived in 2013 than in 2014. On the other hand, more Ghanaians came home in 2014 than in 2013.

On departures, the report stated that 333,084 Ghanaians departed in 2013, which is 32,808 or 10.93% more than the 2014 Ghanaian departures of 300,276.

Also, the 2013 other nationals’ departures reached 511,245, which is 7,249 or 1.44% more than the 2014 other nationals’ departures of 503,996.

There was, therefore, higher departure traffic in 2013 than in 2014. In the year 2014, a total of 300,276 Ghanaians departed, representing 29,582 or 10.93% more than the 268,227 that arrived.

For other nationals, 503,996 departed, which is 6,182 foreigners or 1.24% than the 497,814 that arrived.

In both categories, there were more departures in 2014.

The 2013 total arrivals of 815,490 is 46,982 or 6.11% more than the 2014 total arrivals of 768,508.

Furthermore, the 2013 total departures of 844,329 is 40,057 or 4.98% more than the 2014 total departures of 804,272.

Therefore, for both arrivals and departures, 2013 generated a higher traffic than 2014.

It could be surmised that the EBOLA crisis could have reduced traffic to the country.

This is especially significant considering that conferences and large gatherings were suspended by the government.

Statistics from January to December 2014

Revenue returns for 2014

The total revenue the command collected on behalf of the service in 2014 was $983,020 and GH¢1,948,419.

Below is the total revenue collected on behalf of the service from January to December 2014.

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