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Sarkodie – New Guy ft Ace Hood is here!

The wait is over.we finally bring you the most anticipated tune from Sarkodie and Ace Hood. They call this one New Guy. i wont waste your time at all. just stream and download here and lets know what you think

Sarkodie-New Guy ft Ace Hood download

Return Sarkodie’s $25,000 – Wanlov tells Ace Hood

Controversial musician, Wanlov De Kubolor, has urged American Rapper, Ace Hood, to return the $25,000 Sarkodie paid him for a collaboration on the song ‘New Guy’.

According to Wanlov, Ace Hood did not live up to expectation in the song.
In a tweet, Wanlov stated that Sarkodie should have rapped after Ace Hood because the American rapper had nothing to say.

Wanlov was responding to a fan who asked for his thoughts on the ‘New Guy’ track.

 In his response, the musician responded:

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Man transforms into the Kardashians/Jenners including Caitlyn [Photos]

A male TV host and Instagram star, Paolo Ballesteros, 32, from the Philippines, rose to fame last year with his incredible self-makeovers..He is able to transform himself into anyone of his choice.
This time,he concentrated on the Kardashians and Jenners,including Caitlyn .Apart from makeup,wigs,contact lenses,he also employs clever contouring and a range of subtle facial expressions to achieve a desired look..
I think he nailed it all.
Images-Rex Shutterstock

Andre Ayew is highest earner at Swansea

Ghana winger Andre Ayew has become the highest earner at Swansea City football club after agreeing a £100,000 on a four-year contract.

The Ghanaian forward brought an end to speculations regarding his future after signing a four-year deal to play at the Liberty Stadium with Swansea on Wednesday.

The move is somewhat a surprise given that there were reported interest from Liverpool and Tottenham; Italian portals had also reported that Roma were keen on securing his signature.

The forward, who can play anywhere across the attacking line, will become the club’s top earner, earning in excess of £90,000 a week.

He will also grab the iconic number 10 jersey which was last won by Ivorian Wilfred Bony before moving to Manchester City.

New photos of Kaakie raise concerns of skin-bleaching

“Toffee Pon Tongue” hit maker, Kaakie, shared some sizzling photos on her Facebook page. The songstress wore a blue mini dress revealing some extra cleavage.

However, what really caught the attention of her fans on social media, was the color of her skin. 

Her skin seemed "brighter" than usual and some people speculated that the self-acclaimed dancehall queen had taken to bleaching.

Kaakie, real name Grace Kaakie Ocansey had brightly-painted red lips coupled with a brown and cream strap-heels to complete her looks.

Do you think Kaakie is bleaching or this just another trick caused by the lighting?

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Astronomers Identify G2 Object In Galactic Center With Keck Telescopes

A team of astronomers from the University of California Los Angeles have finally identified the mysterious G2 object near the center of the Milky Way Galaxy. The team used the twin Keck Telescopes located in Hawaii to focus in on the object and study it. The G2 is located near the heart of our own Milky Way Galaxy, close to the super-massive black hole located in the center.
G2 Gas Cloud
A team of astronomers from UCLA claim to have identified an object at the center of the G2 Gas Cloud. (Image from Wikipedia)
The G2 object is hidden from view, as it is surrounded by a thick cloud of cosmic dust. Based on the information obtained by the University of California team, they believe that the object is actually an extremely large star. They estimate that the star may be roughly 100 times the size of our own Sun, but consisting of a mass only about twice the amount. This would mean that the star is very bright, but is not very dense by comparison. They believe that the object consists of a central star, due mostly to the fact that G2 survived a close encounter with the black hole in the center of the galaxy. It is assumed that if G2 was simply dust, that the black hole would have attracted it all within it’s gravitational pull.

While they hold firmly to this finding, other astronomers around the world claim that they have misidentified it. Other astronomers, using other observation devices refute the UCLA claim that there is a star located in the center of the massive G2 dust cloud. Some teams have claimed that the dust cloud is nothing more than that, just a cloud of space dust. The truth may be hard to prove, as the objects themselves lie so far away that it would be virtually impossible to travel there to see them up close. The objects are so far away from Earth, that they seem microscopically small from here. This lack of resolution in the observations leaves some data open to interpretation. When scientists are left to distinguish for themselves what to conclude from a set of data, human error and conjecture can lead to flawed conclusions.
Astronomers Identify G2 Object In Galactic Center With Keck Telescopes.

CANALSAT TV Begins Operation in Ghana

CANAL+AFRIQUE, a subsidiary of Canal+Overseas, operators of Canal+Group's international pay-TV, in partnership with Multichoice Ghana, has introduced its new multi channel television in Ghana.

CANALSAT, the new subscription digital television service with over 125 channels and radio stations in digital quality, is set to offer all Ghanaians and members of the Francophone community in Ghana top quality entertainment in French.

Subscribers will also have the opportunity to watch channels covering topics, movies, sports, youth, discovery, entertainment, music, news and general interest, as well as 27 national and private African channels and radios.

John Timothee, Director of sales Development & partnerships at CANALSAT+AFRIQUE, said the television channel promises to provide its subscribers with high-quality, rich and diverse French offer.

'CANALSAT offers diversity with exclusive channels, 'Must-have' channels and a wide range of specialty channels,' he said.

He added that beginning from this month, CANALSAT will be available in 15 outlets across the country, including 11 in Accra and four other outlets in Koforidua, Nkawkaw, Akosombo and Aflao for purchase by subscribers.

Timothee said in order to meet the needs and desires of each subscriber, CANALSAT has made available five bouquet offers to choose from Access, Evasion, Access Plus, Evasion Plus and Tout Canal.

'Access provides 79 channels, radio and services from GH¢19 per month, Evasion 102 channels, radios and services from GH¢39 per month, Access Plus 84 channels, radios and services including LES CHAINES CANAL+ from GH¢59 per month, Evasion Plus 107 channels, radios and services including LES CHAINES CANAL+ from GH¢79 per month and Tout CANAL gives 131 channels, radios and services including LES CHAINES CANAL+ from GH¢159 per month,' he noted.

Cecil Sunkwa-Mills, Managing Director of MULTICHOICE Ghana, recommended the channel to the Ghanaians, particularly members of the Francophone community, saying it has come to give more variety to the citizens.

By Jamila Akweley Okertchiri

Survivor’s story: God was working that night

Agnes Mends-Armstrong is simply not a strong woman - physically. But an unknown arm was strong enough to pull her out of four feet of flood waters on Wednesday night during Accra’s twin disasters of fire and floods.

Her story is about how strength is not a requirement for salvation or weakness, a sentence for death in times of danger.

As one of the survivors that day, she was a panelist on Joy FM’s Super Morning Show on Friday for the final series of survivor’s story.

Closed from work that evening, the CAL Bank employee was shooed away into a restaurant at Circle by the downpour. There, she found safety in numbers or so she thought.

The rains intensified along with her fear as gradually everyone waded out of the flooded restaurant for safer grounds outside the eatery.

Agnes stood alone on chairs and later on tables as she tried to stay a step above the flooded restaurant.

Others stood outside in the rain. She needed somebody to help her off the table and wade through waist-level flood waters.

Earlier, a Reverend Minister also trapped by the floods, promised Agnes' alarmed mother on the phone to help her daughter get a taxi home.

With the benefit of hindsight, this was a pretty unrealistic promise because of the breakdown of the transportation system during the floods.

With a leaky fuel mixed with the flood, fire was sparked from an unknown source and soon there was violent fire. The flood water gave way to blood.

The man who held her hand in the floods reflexively let go to fight his own battle as fire caught him. Agnes saw him in some few seconds as he sank into the water. He was making violent gestures to put out the fire on his clothes while inside water.

Agnes couldn’t swim and does not look combative enough to force her way out of a swimming pool for amateurs.

Certainly not tall enough like Kelvin Aggor who also recounted how his 6’2 feet frame vanished inside a flood leaving his head above the waters.

And when her spectacles was knocked off her nose into the flooded restaurant, Agnes was deprived of 100% vision.

Slowly, she sank into invisible brown water, fearful but convinced “that was the end”.

And for 152 others trapped in the downpour on Wednesday night, it was indeed the end.

Water had seized the entry of oxygen into her lungs and she lost consciousness as the rain appeared to construct for her, a watery grave inside the restaurant.

But suddenly, like the metallic frame of a protruding arm of a bulldozer, someone, some arm dug in and pulled out Armstrong in one strong attempt.

She remembers how for the first time in her life, simple, monotonous and even boring breathing became one of life’s sophisticated miracles.

‘I can breathe, I can breathe’ was all she could mutter as a sense of eternal gratitude flooded her soul while standing in flood waters.

Agnes Mends-Armstrong got to know that an explosion at the fuel station some meters away was why she saw the sky turn orange while stuck inside the restaurant.

A colleague at work bumped into her when she found safety and helped her home.

“God was working that night”, Agnes firmly believes. And although she interacted with a number of people while inside the restaurant, it was someone she hadn’t seen who lifted her out of certain death.

God was working that night, Agnes said.

Today, her whole set of priorities has changed. She sees eternity as an instant possibility.

Every day looks like bonus points you get while playing one of those Nintendo game of Super Mario.

Only, she wasn’t super and certainly didn’t win anything. It was unmerited favour, she believes.

Death can come as uneventful a minute as even reading Wednesday’s newspaper where pictures of bereaved relatives at the National Memorial spark sorrow inside her.

For the woman who needed help from everybody else inside the restaurant, her real help came from above.

Weakness is not a fear anymore if it can invite God’s omnipotent strength, she has come to realize.

The same thing Apostle Paul was trying to communicate around A.D 55, when he wrote of God “my strength is made perfect in your weakness”.

Akon: “America was never built for black people”

The Senegalese-American recording artist talks frankly about US race relations, “rebranding” Africa, and his music.Akon talks to Al Jazeera about running his musical career as a business; his projects – both philanthropic and artistic; singing songs for peace and whether he thinks it can really make an impact; and being an African in the US.
In the interview, Akon talks about being a businessman, and how that’s very important in the field of entertainment. He says that even though he can perform on stage, he’s a businessman before being an entertainer.

The Exammer: Email Apologies for Late Reply

The Exammer: Email Apologies for Late Reply: Apologies for the delay in replying to you. My sincere apologies for delay in replying to you. My sincerest apologies for the delayed res...

US Court throws out case against Ghana

The Court of Appeal of the United States of America has thrown out an appeal brought by a US company against the Government of Ghana which challenged the dismissal of a $425-million suit against the state. Ghana, on December 31, 2013, won a landmark case in a US court in which the company, Tjgem LLC, had sued the country for punitive damages totalling $425 million. 

The case, which was related to the award of a contract to the Accra Sewer Development Project, also had the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and its chief executive, the Minister of FINANCE and Economic Planning and Conti Construction Company Inc. of the US as co-defendants. 

Tjgem LLC filed the case at the United States District Court of Columbia on March 22, 2013, alleging common law fraud, racketeering and economic espionage, conspiracy to defraud and misappropriation and conversion of trade secrets against the Government of Ghana and its officials. 

But in its judgement on December 31, 2013, the court, with Judge Beryl A. Howell presiding, dismissed the case, saying “the claims by Tjgem are at best those of a disappointed bidder that failed to win a contract with a foreign government”. 

The dismissal In a unanimous decision, the appeal court held that “the order of the district court be affirmed in its entirety. The district court correctly concluded that it lacked subject-matter jurisdiction and dismissed the complaint pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 12(b)(1)”. - See more at:


Tjgem LLC, a domestic corporation, was formed to pursue infrastructure projects in Ghana. It entered into discussions presumed to be negotiations for a contract to reconstruct the Accra sewer system but ultimately was not awarded the contract. 

It filed a suit alleging that the Republic of Ghana and the defendants committed a number of torts, but the district court dismissed the complaint for lack of subject-matter jurisdiction under the Foreign Sovereign Immunities Act (FSIA). According to the court of appeal, “Tjgem fails to show that the district court erred in concluding the conduct alleged in the complaint, as supported by the attached exhibits, did not come within the FSIA commercial activity exception.

 The legal theories underlying the complaint are difficult to discern, but with respect to the claim that a misappropriation of trade secrets occurred in the United States, there is no proffered evidentiary basis to support such a claim. 

“Where jurisdiction depends on plaintiff asserting a particular type of claim, the claim may not be immaterial and made solely for the purpose of obtaining jurisdiction.” According to the Court of Appeal’s decision, a copy of which is available to the Daily Graphic, “Tjgem pointed to nothing more than bare assertions and a brief reference in an Internet news story to a memorandum of understanding being signed in the United States. “Nothing in the record indicates the memorandum involved Tjgem’s trade secrets or that any trade secrets were disclosed by any of the defendants to the Export-Import Bank of the United States,” it said. 

Financial Harm 

The court further argued that financial harm to a US business abroad was not a direct effect for purposes of the FSIA commercial activity exception. It held that “Tjgem’s theory that Ghana has waived its sovereign immunity” was not raised in the district court and was, therefore, forfeited, adding: “In any event, Tjgem points only to Ghana’s waiver of sovereign immunity in its own courts. It proffers no evidence of a waiver of immunity in the United States’ courts, which have uniformly concluded that the domestic waiver of sovereign immunity does not imply such waiver in other countries’ courts.” 

The court indicted Tjgem for “failing to show that the district court abused its discretion by dismissing the non-sovereign defendants, pursuant to Federal Rule of Civil Procedure 19(b)”. 


Commenting on the decision, the Attorney-General and Minister of Justice, Mrs Marietta Brew Appiah-Opong, expressed Ghana’s gratitude to the external solicitors, Dorsey and Whitney, represented by Juan Basombrio, for their hard work. 

Source: Graphic Online

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Nigeria student solves old maths problem

Nigerian graduate Ufot Ekong topped the awards podium after achieving the highest grades at a Japanese university in 50 years and solving a 30 year-old mathematical problem

Ufot Ekong, smashed a record in Japan after he solved a maths puzzle in his first semester that was unsolvable for 30 years. As if that wasn’t enough, he recently graduated with the highest grades at Tokai University since 1965, according to a report by The Independent.

His great achievements did not come on a silver platter for Ekong because according to the reportthe mathematician attained a first class degree in electrical engineering through sweat and hard work as he worked two jobs to finance his education while studying at the prestigious private university, based in the capital city of the Asian country.
According to various reports Mr Ekong who  speaks English, French, Japanese and Yoruba won the Japanese language award for foreigners and he is well known at the university for winning six awards for his academic excellence.
As the saying goes “If you are good you are good,”  Ekong did not stop unleashing his potential at the University. He is currently working for Nissan and already has two patents for electronic car design to his name.

“I thought only people in Africa could catch AIDS”

After a short holiday relationship, she began to fall ill and it all seemed strange. According to her, she never used condoms since she knew she had very little chance of falling pregnant at her age. When someone suggested she test for HIV, she was rather surprised that this would be even suggested as she thought she couldn’t get the virus.

During a TV interview she stated “…the only thing I’d ever seen was an advert in Africa of people dying of AIDS and I thought it’s a disease you caught in that country, and only they caught it”.


In Haiti, the hottest season is festival season, and one of the most renowned of the fêtes takes place in a tiny town north of the capital, Port-au-Prince: The Feast of Our Lady of Mount Carmel. Haitians call it the “Fête de Saut d’Eau,” which translates literally to “Feast of Jumping Water.”

The godly attractions are varied — Vodou ceremonies, Catholic Masses, the feeding of mendicants who hold out calabash bowls for alms — but the highlight of the pilgrimage is bathing in the steep waterfall nearby. Men and women of all ages strip down to their underwear and walk carefully on rocks, some of which are sharp on the soles and others of which are scarily slippery, and when they reach the cascades, they lather up with medicinal herbs and leaves.
I did not bathe when I visited the Fête de Saut d’Eau in 2008;

 I just watched. I came with a couple of photographer friends 

who were keen to shoot the textures of spray and splash on

skin, the light filtered through trees and refracted through 

droplets, the forms of bodies yearning for heaven. Much has

 changed in Haiti since then, of course, but these 

 photographs taken by Lexey Swall at the Fête, captured five 

months after the country’s devastating 2010 earthquake, 

remind me that our longing for transcendence will always



With his snug leather jacket, pinky ring and semi-pompadour, Joseph Prince looks like an Asian pop star. He’s an on-stage pro, accustomed to cheering crowds. What usually comes out of his mouth, though, is not a song but a sermon. Usually he talks about God’s generosity. “You have right believing in your heart? You have right speaking? That’s all you need,” he says in one sermon, in his lilting Singaporean accent. “What you need first, many a times, is to be established in righteousness. Then you can believe God for a baby. Then you can believe God for healing. Then you can believe God for blessings on your company. Amen?”
His God wants you to get promoted at work, wants your bank account to be full … His God is always on your side.
Hundreds of thousands of people worldwide have said “Amen” to Prince, the 50-year-old pastor of Singapore’s New Creation Church. His sermons air on TV in more than 200 countries. His videos tally thousands of views on YouTube. His books sell strongly; the newest, The Power of Right Believing: 7 Keys to Freedom from Fear, Guilt, and Addiction, released on October 22, has stayed firmly in Amazon’s Top 100. This week, he tours the U.S., packing arenas like a theological Taylor Swift, except with more positive lyrics.
Exterior view of a multi-angled building which is a place of worship called the Star
The Star Auditorium in Singapore
It’s easy to see why the faithful flock to Prince: His God wants you to get promoted at work, wants your bank account to be full, wants your blood pressure low and your spirits high. His God is always on your side. “We all know the church in general has a reputation of being judgmental,” says Jonathan Koh, a Singaporean who blogs on Christianity and has occasionally attended New Creation. “When you hear a message that God is really love and He’s not out there to get you and fault you, this is an attractive message.”

Prince’s Followers on Facebook

  • Cynthia Hardy: ”[Prince’s] message has freed me from bondage of the law and religion and now I know what right believing has already accomplished for me and in me. Thank you Jesus for the finished work at the cross. Thank you Pastor Prince for hearing and obeying God!”
  • James Wade: ”Attended the Newark event. What a blessing to our lives. The music and the worship service that preceded the ‘sermon’ was incredible, probable the most spiritual service we ever attended and there were 25,000 people. Thank you Pastor Prince for preaching the Word of our Lord in the USA.”
  • Donna Slakis: ”Pastor Prince I believe your Message of Grace, however, I have to watch you daily to put it into practice & be reminded how to rest in Jesus, how to take from Jesus & how to depend on Jesus. Thank you Pastor Prince you are a true blessing.”
Prince’s brand of Pentecostal-inflected, blessing-centric Christianity has particular appeal for the marginalized. The sociologist Milmon Harrison of the University of California, Davis, writes in his book Righteous Riches that such churches offer “a religious response to class hierarchy appealing to many who have traditionally been farthest from its center” — hence their popularity among African-American and immigrant populations in the U.S. and in developing nations worldwide. But while this brand of Christianity is unfailingly positive, it’s also very controversial — just like Joseph Prince.
Prince named himself. At birth, he was Xenonamandar Jegahusiee Singh, the Singapore-born son of an Indian father and a Chinese mother. Religious service was in his bloodlines — he’s the son of a Sikh priest — but thanks to an aunt who took him to church, he became a Christian when he was 12.
Xenonamandar Singh became Joseph Prince in the early 1980s, while working as an IT consultant. He and friends co-founded New Creation in 1984. When he became the senior pastor in 1990, services only drew about 150 people on a typical Sunday.
According to his book Destined to Reign, a turning point came during a 1997 holiday in Switzerland with his wife, Wendy: “I heard God say this clearly to me: ‘Son, you are not preaching grace.’” The idea that God showed sinful humanity undeserved favor by sending Jesus as savior is not new — it’s a key tenet of historic Christianity. But Prince takes it farther, arguing that God is never angry with Christians and that He promises the faithful material as well as spiritual blessing. This puts him in a theological camp called Word of Faith (or sometimes, pejoratively, “Prosperity Gospel”). Joshua Woo Sze Zeng, a Presbyterian preacher and blogger in Singapore, recalls attending a New Creation service in which Prince shared that God had suggested investing in gold. “Indeed gold prices went up after that. He called that his gift of prophesy,” says Woo. “Such a message is very inspiring and hopeful to many who are preoccupied with socioeconomic gain.”

A Self-Described Groupie

South African born-again Christian Lulu Dikana considers herself a Joseph Prince groupie. “I fell in love with Joseph’s style of preaching and how he made everything sound so easy,” she says. Dikana especially values Prince’s message that “right believing produces right living.” She adds, ”Preachers of the gospel are my rock stars.”
Today, weekly attendance at New Creation averages more than 20,000, with eight services (four in English, two in Korean, and one each in Mandarin and Hokkien). Last year, it moved into a 5,000-seat auditorium in an ultramodern, $600-million, retail-and-entertainment complex that the church co-developed and co-owns. Prince has preached at his friend Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church in Houston. And his sermons are now broadcast online and on television in dozens of countries; in the U.S., you can watch him six days a week on the ABC Family and TBN networks.
They moved into a 5,000-seat auditorium in an ultramodern, $600-million, retail-and-entertainment complex.
His rising stateside prominence forms the beginnings of a full circle: Prince’s theological heroes are American, and Word of Faith is rooted in the U.S. church. Particularly influential: the late Pentecostal preacher Kenneth Hagin, Word of Faith’s father, who did more than any other minister to promote the notion that God wants to bless believers materially. “It is truly on the shoulders of great men of God like [him] that we are able to see further into the Word of God today,” Prince writes in Destined to Reign. “I deeply honor and respect him for all that he has taught me.”
Prince told the Christian magazine Charisma in 2010 that his ministry “is all about exalting the person of Jesus and pointing people to His finished work at Calvary.” This Jesus discusses career advancement and residential real estate. Indeed, Prince — who has become wealthy through his TV deals and book sales — venerates typically American ideas of success. “This is the American Dream,” says Kathleen Hladky, an assistant professor of religious studies at the College of Charleston, “packaged with a religious veneer.”
Jon Ruthven, a Regent University professor emeritus of theology, says Prince has done good work in emphasizing positive aspects of Christianity, including the idea “that God is very present to save, heal and provide.” But he expresses concerns shared with other critics of Word of Faith, faulting Prince for minimizing Biblical warnings that the Christian life “necessarily will cause suffering, loss and rejection.” God, says Ruthven, “is not the popular ‘vending-machine’ God, who exists only to make someone healthy and rich.”
Color photo of Kenneth Hagin preaching from podium
Kenneth Hagin
But it’s easy to see the appeal of Prince’s brand of theology. It’s compelling to listen to him, with his lustrous black jacket, jeweled brooch and stage whisper, promising that God wants only good for you. In one sermon, before launching into a soft-pop setting of Psalm 34, he says, “We’re going to sing this psalm over you, and cancers will be healed and tumors will be healed. Jesus is about to put in the key and set you free.”There’s another perverse, perhaps unintentional, consequence of teaching that God rewards the faithful materially: If you don’t get the blessings, you must not be faithful enough. 
“People want to latch onto something that will give them hope, that will give them assurance they can succeed,” says Robert Bowman, director of research at the Institute for Religious Research and the author of The Word-Faith Controversy. “But it’s not always to your credit when good things happen, and it’s not always your fault when bad things happen.”
To many people, that certainly sounds like good news.

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