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Who begged who? Ace Hood calls Sarkodie a 'liar'

Who begged who? Ace Hood calls Sarkodie a 'liar'The aftermath of the collaboration between Sarkodie and American hiphop artiste Ace Hood seems to be getting a negative publicity now. The Ghanaian rapper confirmed in an interview with Accra-based Starr FM on Thursday that indeed Ace Hood contacted him for the collaboration.  

 However, a counter claim by the American suggests Sarkodie rather paid to shoot a video for the song, New Guy. Sarkodie was in Miami, US, to shoot the video with Ace Hood and due to that the Ghanaian rapper missed the much publicised #dumsormuststop vigil in Accra last Saturday, a vigil he helped to organise and promoted with a song. 

On his return after shooting the video, Sarkodie told Starr FM Thursday, that the American hiphop artiste contacted him for the collaboration. “I didn’t make any announcement because basically I kind of doubted it which is bad but then such a call always makes you feel like ‘is it like a prank or something’ so I got my agents in the States who actually contacted me that Ace Hood contacted,” he said. 

Stressing that Ace Hood made the approach, the BET award winner explained that, “mostly it happens the other way round when Africans try to get the attention of these people.” Sarkodie then revealed that Ace Hood has a fan base is in Accra and that “when he [Ace Hood] kind of checked out what was happening in Africa, [he] look[ed] at the bunch of people he can connect with, the type of sound that he was looking for and then lucky for Sark it was me.” “I actually ended up advising Ace [Hood],” he added. 

But in a dramatic twist of events, Ace Hood has come out to disclose that he never contacted Sarkodie and that the Ghanaian paid for the collaboration. According to Ace Hood, the Ghanaian rapper paid $25,000 for him to feature on the song. 

An Ace Hood fan saw an article from the Starr interview with the heading, “Video: Sarkodie Reveals How Ace Hood “Begged Him” For A Collabo + All About ‘New Guy’ Song”. The fan, @cazalbek, wasn’t amused about the story forcing him to tweet that: “This is some bulls**t! Cuz this low ass ni**a sarkodie disrespecting Ace? The ni**a be u for sh*t! U was…” 

This made another fan, @kafuitrevor, respond: “Am sure he didn’t mean that gh media always like to twist sh*t” to which @cazalbek responded, “well the he better fix that news before @Acehood hears about it. Ciz Ace is the wrong ni**a to f**k with trust me!” Then Ace Hood stepped in to clear the air stating, “@cazalbek @kafuitrevor let me find out ni**as spreading false rumors! When dat 25k ($25,000) hit my [account] the feature got done! I don’t play dem games”.

Two Years In, Critics Slam of New Zimbabwe Constitution

In 2013, an estimated 95 percent of Zimbabweans approved a new constitution that, officials said, would end years of human rights abuses under President Robert Mugabe’s government.

Marking two years since its ratification, however, Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights (ZLHR) released a statement on Friday calling for “a deep and sincere reflection” on whether the charter was being used to bring greater accountability and to safeguard people's rights and freedoms.
Indeed, many critics say the new constitution, which many perceived as more liberal than its predecessor, hasn't changed realities on the ground.
ZLHR spokesman Kumbirai Mafunda, for exmple, calls the new constitution a "paper tiger that is becoming increasingly meaningless and ineffectual.”

“We remain concerned by the everyday contraventions or violations of governance charter. We are worried that despite the constitution having some protective mechanism measures, the authorities in Zimbabwe continue to act with impunity," he said. "Examples abound of how the authorities have disregarded the constitution: with freedom of expression; with law enforcement agencies continuing to clampdown on protesters. We are worried that the rights as enshrined in the constitution — the right to health, the right to education — is not being respected."
President Mugabe’s government has said it is bankrupt and cannot afford a campaign to ensure all clinics, hospitals, schools and colleges are fully functional. As a result, the right to health care and the right to education have remained a dream.
Earlier this week, Amnesty International said it is worried that access to information and freedom of expression are also in danger.
Since 2001, when the monopoly of the state broadcaster Zimbabwe Broadcasting Holdings legally ended, only two companies — one owned by a government minister and another owned by a state-owned media company — have received licenses to operate radio stations. There are no privately-owned TV or radio stations in the country.

Earlier this week, Jonathan Moyo, information minister told parliament that Harare was attending to the issue of privately owned television stations:

"The Broadcasting Authority of Zimbabwe is proposing that we attend to these matters as soon as possible. The issue, after appropriate consultations, should be gazetted in the near future, meaning very very soon," said Moyo.
Another issue is that commissions to discuss peace and reconciliation, new land reforms, and economic disparities between men and women have yet to be formed, two years after they should have been established.

Nigerian President-elect Buhari Wants Cooperation From Government

Nigerian former Gen. Muhammadu Buhari, right, along with his deputy, Yemi Osibnajo, sings the national anthem after speaking to journalists in Abuja, Nigeria, April 1, 2015.

Nigeria’s president-elect, General Muhammadu Buhari, has expressed concern that his incoming administration is misunderstood by opponents. This, shortly after receiving an interim report about the country’s state of affairs presented to him by his 19-member transitional committee.
Buhari, who is scheduled to be officially installed on May 29, says his government wants to know the state of affairs before deciding its actions after taking over from President Goodluck Jonathan.
Local media quoted Buhari as saying “The incoming government was misunderstood. It is not that we are preparing for indictment. What we are trying to get is a starting point, where we are exactly going to start from…We have seen the debt profile and the performance of the economy… The question is what can we do about it, especially the urgent ones like social security, lack of fuel in the country and fraud. The list is endless.”
Buhari’s comments came after his transitional committee led by its chairman, Ahmed Joda, said they did not receive many documents from the outgoing administration needed for its work. Buhari’s spokesman, Shehu Garba, says the lack of cooperation is unfortunate.
“They did not get any document from the outgoing administration on which to work and they have not been given access to the outgoing ministers or heads of government departments. So, there has been no support whatsoever that has come to them from the government,” said Garba. “They received a lot of support from the private sector…On the basis of which they were able to formulate solutions to quite a number of the problems that confront the country and on the face of which government can go into business from day one.” 
Local media quoted Abubakar Suleiman, a cabinet minister, as accusing Buhari’s All Progressives Congress (APC) of setting up a group that is acting like a parallel government with a goal of stampeding the Jonathan administration out of office.
Suleiman also said the APC team was making impossible demands. He warned that Jonathan’s magnanimity should not be interpreted as weakness.
“We take exceptions to some utterances to some of the terms of reference that look as if the current government is being stampeded or intimidated… Council members are advised to work in line with the terms of reference of the current government,” said Suleiman.
Garba disagreed with Suleiman, saying Buhari expected a smooth cooperation from the outgoing government.
“What the president-elect said he expected was that all of the documents would be placed on the table in good time so that [his] transitional committee will read and examine them where they need clarification, ministers who are around will be in a position to throw light on areas that need that kind of clarification,” said Garba.
“Now, how can you read all of those volumes [of documents] within 24 hours? And maybe they probably have bought their air ticket and they will be flying out of the country the moment they hand over the next day, they would have flown out of the country. Who do you get to offer clarification on matters that you don’t understand? This is what people should understand," said Garba.

Friday, May 22, 2015

Help Ukrainian soldier to protect native land

However, such aid volunteer movement consists of small contributions of each individual, a simple Ukrainians. And each "drop" fills "ocean". Some may shrug off the problem and reassure myself that I, well, not solve anything and I can not influence anything. And someone wondering - what I personally can do than help - embodies the original ideas, converting their creativity into action.

What equipment is needed to soldiers?

Uniform - Form soldiers like as outstanding, but it usually broke a week. So we have to buy the form. It is possible to Ukrainian standards, but perfect - the original uniforms United States, NATO, the United Kingdom and European countries. Also in the sale is a replica (copy) of this form of third-party manufacturers, such form cheaper but lower quality. Ideal greenwashing MTP, DPM, Multicam, Flecktarn (See coloring in Google). It is important that the colors fit the mold of our vegetation. What are the options of "Desert Storm" is not suitable. Also important camouflage hats, ideally - Panama or caps.

Shoes  - often, good shoes is even more important uniforms. Issued ankle boots from Colour Options live in front of a couple of days. Therefore, footwear also remains a task of volunteers. In the worst case, it can be dense or dark khaki sneakers. Also, Ukrainian-made ankle boots fit, but good quality leather (200 USD). In second place the German replicas (copies) of the company Mil-Tec - designed model, medium quality (400 USD). Ideal - or new / used shoes armies of other countries. For Major - expensive tactical boots known firms (1000 USD). 
Bulletproof vest Very important. The vest includes a vest and armor plates, which plates are inserted. It is important not to be mistaken as the fourth class of the NATO countries meets our 3. The plates can be solid metal (heavier but more durable) and metal (easier, but destroyed after several hits). The most common and recommended plate - domestic production firm TEMP-3000. Case himself is less important, but also important, he should sit comfortably and ideally have pockets on unloading. If you get a bullet in the plate, it is broken into pieces, so it is important to have the so-called Case vest balisticheskie package (multi-layer durable fabric is able to stop the fragments).
Helmet - The helmet will not save the mark of a sniper's bullet, but from the tangent or fragments - is a must. Worst case helmets - Soviet bowler (50 USD), but it is not comfortable and a little that holds. Ideal - imported helmets 2nd or 3rd grade armor (cost from 1000 UAH). Such helmets are holding strong pistol cartridge and fragments of grenades, they are light and comfortable.
Among all this, Ukraine soldiers also need - Points / mask, Kneepads, Backpack, First-aid kit, discharge and other.
Thousands of families migrated from dangerous regions, where a counter-terrorist operation. Under the windows of their homes daily exploding shells, and people were dying in the streets ... Documents, several hryvnia and a bag of personal belongings - all that these families managed to take out their family nests.
Many people in Ukraine have relatives who have sheltered immigrants. But we get requests from more and more families who have no place to even sleep, they are ready to start life from scratch! Over time, they will find a job and temporary housing. But they must be sure that their national fraternal shoulder will always support!
Our task - to help the refugees, to join forces and help these families in their urgent needs! To feed, provide medical supplies and clothing for the first time - is our priority actions!
Now these displaced families and refugees east of Ukraine (Donetsk, Lugansk and other cities) have taken refuge at recreation centers in Kyiv, Chernihiv, Sumy, Poltava, Dnipropetrovsk and Kirovohrad regions. With each passing day the number of displaced families is growing. Financial and humanitarian assistance to refugees and displaced persons in the east of Ukraine - is our duty. Some we have already managed to help, but without your support we can not do!
If you can provide temporary housing at least one family, to feed a hot meal, help with employment - we are on the one way! Together we can support our brothers in difficult times!
We ask all concerned to help the Ukrainian army and victims of the war. Because Europe and Russia will share only one country - Ukraine. Do not assume a full-scale war.

The Peypal system does not work  in Ukraine, and other electronic systems take greater commission we can to Use Only direct bank transfer.If you have ideas and opportunities to help in the difficult struggle for independence and freedom of the citizens of Ukraine - write to e-mail:  or directly to me.
Here is requisites for DONATIONS - USD

Here is requisites for DONATIONS -EURO
INTERMEDIARY BANK: Commerzbank AG Frankfurt am Main Germany
Open your heart to Ukraine. Believe and pray. I wanna be happy today. No tears, no pain!

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