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Akufo-Addo ambitious but visionless - Kofi Adams

National Organizer of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), Kofi Adams has taken a swipe at the flagbearer of the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) over the recent mêlée in the party.

According to him, Nana Akufo-Addo has not been able to bring sanity into the party because he is “full of ambition but without vision”.

The NPP has courted negative publicity after its first vice Chairman, Freddie Blay convened a Steering Committee meeting and took critical decisions in the absence of the National Chairman, Paul Afoko and General Secretary, Kwabena Agyapong.

The meeting graced by the party’s flagbearer and other leading members, discussed among other things the parliamentary vetting and reversing the waiver to aspirants by the NPP scribe.

This has angered the General Secretary who is alleging that some National executive members are scheming to tarnish his image.

On Accra-based Okay FM, the NPP scribe vowed to expose all those denting his hard-won reputation.

“It is getting to a point that [if they don’t take care] those in the party who are behaving badly will be exposed for every Ghanaian to know who they are,” he threatened.

But on Asempa FM’s Ekosii Sen programme Thursday, Kofi Adams blamed the NPP leader for the seeming division in the party.

In his view, Nana Akufo-Addo should not have attended the meeting knowing well that the Chairman and General Secretary were out of town.

The NDC National Organizer intimated that the NPP flagbearer is allowing his ambition for power to cloud his judgement.

“Nana Addo’s only ambition is to win power so if it means killing everyone to be president over dead bodies, he will do it..,” he added.

Kofi Adams said a “very disorganized group of people” like the NPP cannot rule Ghana.

Dumsor is beyond prayers – Rev Christie Doe Tetteh

Leader of Solid Rock Chapel Reverend Christie Doe Tetteh says the current energy crisis has gone beyond asking for divine intervention.

Discussing the effects of the energy crisis on mothers and female professionals, the spiritual leader argued that the power crisis is down to “negligent” decision-making by managers in the energy supply chain in Ghana.

Ghanaians have been enduring a harsh erratic power supply for the past three years.

What started as a damage on an undersea gas pipeline in Ghana's territorial waters has exploded into a full-blown energy crisis which has defied short-term solutions and promises much to the chagrin of many consumers.

Weighing in on the trending national irritant, Christie Doe Tetteh complained that people “wait forever” in the hope to get power as predicted on a load shedding timetable.

But they ended up disappointed.

“You are on the pulpit, you are preaching [and] suddenly [off].....You go to church and there is no light. You pay so much money to get a plant just to use for a few hours”, she said.

A deeply religious people, many Ghanaians believe divine intervention can play a significant role in solving a national crisis and many have called for prayers to help solve the country's problems.

But Rev. Tetteh told Joy FM's Super Morning Show dedicated to Mother's Day, that dumsor has gone past the stage where prayers is relied on as a solution.

"'I'm sicked and tired of this" she said.

According to the founder, it is time for Ghanaians and consumers to "face realities" because "this is beyond prayers"

Mahama advises celebs over “Dumsor”

President John Mahama has asked Ghanaian creative artistes not to allow the “division” in the national politics to spread to their industry.

The President in a tweet Thursday seemed to be responding to the trending hashtag #dumsormuststop and a planned vigil by some young celebrities led by actress Yvonne Nelson, to protest against the worsening power crisis in the country.

Actresses Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and rapper Sarkodie have secured a police permit in accordance with the Public Order Act, to hold a vigil in protest of the ceaseless power crisis in Ghana.

The #DumsorMustsStopTrio have been very vocal in their criticism of the government over the situation

Nelson, who started the social media hashtag #Dumsormuststop, has been collecting heartfelt stories of how the situation has affected individual Ghanaians.

One of the stories she posted on her Facebook wall today,Thursday was from a young man who claimed his mother died in surgery because the light went off while she was being operated on.

Man is raped at gunpoint by THREE women so they could collect his semen in a cooler box and 'steal' it in South Africa

  • Women asked for directions then bundled him into a black BMW in kidnap
  • Made him drink 'unknown substance' to get aroused after fondling failed
  • Collected semen in a plastic bag and stored it in cooler box before escape
  • Part of a trend of women kidnapping and raping men using same method 

  • A man was kidnapped at gunpoint and raped by three women who collected his semen in a cool box and stealing it before abandoning their victim - and the method is part of a growing trend.
    The 33-year-old man gave the women directions when they pulled up in a black BMW. Suddenly, one of the women armed with a gun got out and forced him into the back of the car at gunpoint.
    The trio then drove him 500km away and fondled him in the back of the car but he did not become aroused, so they forced him to drink an 'unknown substance' from a bottle to aid him.
    The women raped the man repeatedly and collected his semen in plastic bags, placing them in a cooler box
    The women raped the man repeatedly and collected his semen in plastic bags, placing them in a cooler box
    The man was picked up in the Kwazakhele township, Port Elizabeth, and dropped off later, 500km away
    The man was picked up in the Kwazakhele township, Port Elizabeth, and dropped off later, 500km away
    They then raped the man repeatedly and collected his semen in plastic bags, placing them in a cooler box.
    The man was then kicked out of the car, 500 km away from where they picked him up in the Kwazakhele township, Port Elizabeth, and made off with the stolen sperm.
    The exact same method is being used by women in Gauteng, who are also forcing men to drink from a bottle and stealing their semen but no arrests have been made.

    Constable Mncedi Mbombo said: 'As he was busy pointing out the directions, one lady came out and pointed a gun at him and forced him into the car,' reports Sowetan Live.
    'They drove into a thoroughfare 500km away. They parked the car and fondled him to get an erection but his penis could not get erect.
    'They then forced him to drink an unknown substance from a bottle. This got him aroused quickly even though he was still scared and didn't want to have sex.
    'This is really confusing to us because we have never heard of such a thing before. The man was fully conscious throughout his ordeal and he is still traumatised.'
    Police have now opened a rape investigation. 

    Ghana, Cote d’Ivoire to have joint border post

    A ministerial meeting to discuss the construction of a joint border post (JBP) at Elubo in Ghana and Noe in Cote d’Ivoire to enhance the free movement of people, vehicles and goods between the two countries has been held in the two border towns.

    Under the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) Transport and Transit Programme, key border posts have been identified to be transformed into JBPs for joint and simultaneous controls.

    The project is intended to improve sub-regional trade and integration in West Africa.

    The border posts at Elubo in Ghana and Noe in Cote d’Ivoire have been selected to be transformed into a JBP.

    A JBP is a post where both exit and entry controls are undertaken jointly or concurrently or in succession from a one-stop location within one control zone on land belonging to the ECOWAS Community, such that all traffic utilising the post stops only once (if necessary) in each direction of travel.

    The ECOWAS Commission has decided to adopt a home-grown solution to funding the JBP at Elubo/Noe through annual allocations from its budget in tranches as a special infrastructure fund until the full cost of the project, which is estimated at US$20 million, is covered.

    The construction of the JBP is one of the initiatives being pursued by the ECOWAS Commission, following the directives of the 41st Ordinary Session of ECOWAS Heads of State and Government in Yamoussoukro in June 2012 which tasked the commission to intensify its efforts towards the development of regional infrastructure as a catalyst for regional economic integration.

    Already, construction work has been completed on two of the JBPs at Noepe between Ghana and Togo and Mallanville, out of seven initiated design studies, with the support of the European Union (EU).

    The Minister of Roads and Highways, Alhaji Inusah Fuseini, led Ghana's team, while the Ivorian side was headed by Mr Abdoulaye Toure, who represented Cote d'Ivoire's Minister of Transport, to the two border town meetings.

    The separate discussions were preceded by the opening of a conference on the subject matter for participants from the two countries, believed to be the most vibrant member countries within ECOWAS in terms of trade and economic development, at the Raybow Hotel in Takoradi in the Western Region.

    Addressing the four-day conference, Alhaji Fuseini explained that the meeting formed part of the ECOWAS Commission's agenda to put in place a programme that would facilitate and support intra-community trade and cross-border movements.

    He said the key objective was a reduction in transport costs and the promotion of trade among member states, adding that JBPs were being introduced in many parts of Africa to address one of the main delaying factors on major transport corridors.

    The minister said a recent survey by the Abidjan-Lagos corridor organisation revealed that the border crossing time at Elubo still remained high, at least 32 hours as of 2014, compared to 38 hours in 2013.

    "Delay of more than one day at border posts should trigger a need for intervention,” he said.

    "Accordingly, we in Ghana have taken a number of steps which will forge the bonds of collaboration with Cote d'Ivoire to facilitate and augment the efforts of the commission to ensure the successful implementation of the JBP," he said.

    The Commissioner for Infrastructure of the ECOWAS Commission, Mr Ebrima Njie, said over the years, ECOWAS, in collaboration with member states, had been implementing many programmes and projects towards enhancing intra-community trade and the free movement of people.

    He explained that the construction of the JBPs was one of the key components of the regional transport and transit facilitation programme, adding that the project would be a split type, with officials from both states occupying both facilities to undertake controls simultaneously.

    Thursday, May 7, 2015

    Kojo Brown - Ghana’s next Abedi Pele

    Naturally, he is a left-back. But on the pitch one can hardly tell he is a guardsman. He is a technically gifted player with skills and precision.

    Twenty-one-year-old Kojo Brown is a Ghanaian footballer who has spent most part of his life in Europe – Germany – and Australia. At a very tender age, the rearguard who can adapt as a midfielder and at the same time a striker, caught the eyes of lovers of the beautiful game.

    Having played for Sunshine Coast F.C and Richmond SC all in Australia, Brown is currently based in Germany training and schooling at the same time until the transfer season opens to consider one of his numerous suitors. caught up with him after training where he talked about his ambition to play for Ghana although he has been approached by a couple of European teams to divert his national allegiance, why Ghana’s Abedi Pele has had a lot of influence on him and why he feels Lionel Messi is better than Cristiano Ronaldo among others.

    Briefly tell us about yourself?

    Brown: I was born in Ghana. And left the country with my parents to Australia when I was about six years old. It was my father who got me into football, having taken me to a football match in Australia. My love for football developed after that. Since then I started playing football. Football runs through my blood. For me it’s a natural thing. Everything about me is football.

    Any role models? 

    Brown: Growing up, I wouldn’t say I had role models but I had people who I will say I aspired to be like – Thierry Henry and Abedi Pele. They were influential and always immense in every game. Abedi for instance can dribble almost the whole park even at a very young age. Those who have watched me on the pitch can easily identify my speed with Henry and the vision I always have is that of Abedi Pele. My style of play is modelled around them, but I always try to be myself.

    What kind of player are you?

    Brown: I’m always comfortable on the ball. A very calm player, but robust. A very skilful defender with the ability to pass in long range and they are quite accurate. Predominantly, I’m stronger on the left, but I’m quite comfortable on the right. I’m versatile and sometimes play as a midfielder and a striker.

    What do you do to relax? 

    Brown: I’m a quiet person. I like to watch movies as much as I can. I watch TV series as well. I enjoy visiting a couple of friends and I train a lot. I enjoy basketball and play video games (play station) as and when I can.

    Do you love music? 

    Brown: I like RnB, gospel and a little bit of everything. I really don’t mind as long as there is music and it can inspire and get me going.

    What’s your favourite food? 

    Brown: Jollof rice!

    How do you cope with the German culture? 

    Brown: I visit Ghana almost every two years. I miss Ghana a lot. Of course, there is a cultural difference between both countries but I get the love and care that I want. The people are welcoming and lovely.

    Do you follow Ghana football? 

    Brown: I love Ghana football. I followed the Black Stars a lot at the last World Cup. I have been keeping an eye on the World Youth Championship as well. Anytime I have the chance I follow Ghana football because I love to see my people playing.

    Any prediction for Ghana U20 at New Zealand? 

    Brown: When it comes to Ghanaian young players they are quite strong and focused. I see them going very far.

    Are you capable of playing for Ghana?

    Brown: Definitely. I watch the national teams and I fit into the U-21 or 23. That will not be a problem at all. I know it’s going to be tough to break into the national teams but I’m definitely capable. I am quite a versatile player although I’m a left-back, I can score goals which is one of my assets. Last year I scored four goals and set up 10. I have a very skilful and accurate feet. I am more than ready to play for Ghana. I will bring a lot of difference. I will bring a lot of stability to the defence and add more to the score sheet and help reduce the tally as well.

    Who do you wish to pair up with in defence in the national team? 

    Brown: I will say Jonathan Mensah because I can coordinate with him. He is a very fit and strong player. I admire him a lot. He is a great centre back.

    What do you hope to achieve in the years to come? 

    Brown: My dream is to be at the World Cup. I know it’s quite ambitious, but nothing is impossible. When you dream big, you make it with God on your side. I also want to increase my work rate and always standout.

    What’s your view about education and football?

    Brown: Education is key. Every player needs it whether professional or amateur. Money and fame are good but education takes one far. The two go together to make one a better player.

    What’s the future of Ghana football? 

    Brown: The world knows how good Ghana is. We’ll be kings of Africa again. Technically, we are gifted and I believe we are going to make an impact in the World Cup and Africa Cup in the years to come.

    Who do you want to thank? 

    Brown: I will want to thank my dad for getting me up almost every day, my mum for the good food always and to my siblings for their support. I have such a great family and they have been supportive. We are a laid back family, but very ambitious.

    Are you dating? 

    Brown: [Laughs]. Definitely not interested in that now. I want to focus on my career then any other thing follows.

    Who’s your favourite - Ronaldo or Messi?

    Brown: I will choose Messi because he is a gifted player. It’s part of him. He dribbles past players and just scores. Ronaldo is good anyway.

    What team will you wish to play for? 

    Brown: I have always want to play for Arsenal. I really want to wear their jersey and since I met Henry I have always wished to play for them.

    Any words to your fans? 

    Brown: To my fans I want to tell them that there is more coming and we’ll get there, and to my future fans just keep your eyes on me because I’m coming.

    Power Minister vows to resign if ‘dumsor’ doesn’t end by 2016

    Minister of Power Dr Kwabena Donkor has vowed to abdicate his position if the current power crisis does not end by January 1, 2016.

    He says government is frantically taking steps to end the crisis by year-end.

    Speaking during the inauguration of boards for subsidiary companies of the Volta River Authority (VRA) in Accra on Thursday, Dr Donkor also cautioned the media not to limit government’s intervention in ending the crisis to the arrival of the two power barges from Turkey in September.

    The power crisis has led to a nationwide load shedding exercise, which many claim is affecting businesses.

    Government’s resolve to solve the crisis led to the setting up of the Power Ministry with the Pru East Constituency Member of Parliament as the first minister.

    Dr Donkor vowed to solve the crisis by 2016.

    President John Dramani Mahama has vowed to hold Dr Donkor to his words over the promise to end the crisis by January 1.

    "We will continue to increase the power that is being fed into the system until the gap is eliminated completely by, according to my Power Minister's promise, year's end, for which I have put his neck on the block," President Mahama remarked last month.

    Yvonne Nelson receives abusive calls over dumsor campaign

    Actress Yvonne Nelson has started receiving abusive phone calls from people who appear to be unenthused by her #dumsormuststop campaign.

    After a government communicator recently referred to the actress and her other female colleagues championing the anti-power outage campaign as “prostitutes” on social media, Nelson has posted on social media, a recording of an unknown male individual, who yelled abusive words on her on the phone.

    The caller kept referring to the actress as a prostitute.

    The actress also wrote on her Facebook wall that the caller, who she regarded as a “leader” imputed political motivations for her decision to speak out against the worsening power crisis.

    “Unfortunately, he had said so much before I started recording him, chanting about how Akufo-Addo can never be president”.

    Meanwhile, the actress and her team are collecting emails from citizens who have interesting stories to tell about their ‘dumsor’ experience.

    Yvonne Nelson, Lydia Forson and Sarkodie, on social media, have been leading the #DumsorMustStop campaign to get President John Mahama and his government to fix the current energy crisis.

    They have served notice to the police to organise a vigil on May 16 to protest against the power situation.

    Ex-Actors Guild President counsels Yvonne Nelson & Co

    Former president of the Ghana Actors Guild, Nii Odoi Mensah has said a planned vigil by some young celebrities led by actress Yvonne Nelson, to protest against the worsening power crisis in the country will amount to nothing.

    In his view, Nelson and her colleagues are complaining about a problem that President John Mahama did not create.

    The veteran actor told Starr 103.5FM’s Cordelia Ama Selormey in an interview Wednesday that though the celebrities have the right to hold the vigil, it is “unnecessary” in his opinion.

    Nelson, her rapper friend Sarkodie and fellow actress and producer Lydia Forson have written to the Police, in accordance with the Public Order Act, to seek permission for the vigil.

    The #DumsorTrio have been very vocal in their criticism of the government for “allowing the crisis to spiral out of control.”

    Nelson, who started the social media hashtag #Dumsormuststop, announced Tuesday that every Ghanaian citizen interested in seeing the problem resolved should join the protest.

    But Odoi Mensah told Starr Entertainment that the young members of the guild should have sought advice before starting the campaign. He believes President Mahama is making frantic efforts to bring Ghana back to full illumination.

    “In a society where the young will not seek advice from the elderly, then you know we have a problem.

    “Seriously my sister do you think the present government is happy with the situation in which we are? Or, when his Excellency the president came into power, do you think he went to Akosombo to [shut] the dam off, so that we stay in darkness? Or can’t we understand that there is a problem and somebody must fix it and that we all have to help that person to fix it?” he wondered.

    An obviously incensed Odoi Mensah compared Ghana’s situation to that of Nigeria and asked that people be patient with the government.

    “Ghanaians must learn to be patient in life. You don’t get things on a silver platter. No condition is permanent. The man said he is trying his best to solve the problem, let’s help him solve it!

    “My sister go to Nigeria. Years and they are still in darkness. Ghana has only been in this for one year. If Ghana is fifty something years and for that period we’ve had electricity except for one year, why should we be complaining as much?”

    He added “If you embark on a demonstration and you go on a vigil that #dumsormuststop, what have you done? If you have any ideas as to how to stop the dumsor, give it to them. But if you go on a demonstration, you go on a vigil and all that, it won’t solve the problem.”

    He also asked people to note the power crisis did not come about as a result of the Mahama Government’s inactions.

    “All the past governments! They didn’t have vision. So let’s not only blame it on the current government, I mean we don’t have to politicise everything. We must be realistic in all we do. Let’s stop the blame game and help the man to solve it.”

    Wednesday, May 6, 2015

    ‘Ghanaian players in Thailand now rice farmers and sex workers’

    There have been several stories, seemingly scathing, of Ghanaian players engaged in immoral activities in Thailand to earn some money because they are unable to secure football clubs.

    Sadly, former Accra Great Olympics lynchpin, Andy Pomayie has confirmed this and many more activities that the players engage in far away Thailand.

    The former national star who played in Thailand for a while, revealed that some of the African Footballers who go to Thailand end up as sex workers, sleep with various women and get paid for that while others also end up becoming rice farmers in Thailand.

    “It is true that most of the African players who go to Thailand end up doing weird jobs. Some of them earn their income from sleeping with women.

    Others also become rice farmers, even though, their primary aim of going to Thailand was to play football. It is mostly a futile venture for people to leave Ghana for Thailand to play football because it is not worth it,” Andy said o Accra-based Happy FM.

    Andy Pomayie advised footballers to stop considering a move to Thailand for a football career because the agents who lure them don’t usually tell them the truth.

    “I will advise footballers to dump their hopes of going to play professional football in Thailand because it is not a worthwhile venture.

    The so called football agents take so much money from the players and when they get to Thailand, they don’t get any club to play for. I was fortunate because three weeks after my arrival, I got a team.” Andy added.

    Andy Pomayie also had stints at Bangladesh and India.

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