Monday, December 7, 2015

Snow falls in Ghana during new smoothie launch

Blue Skies Juice have launched a new freshly squeezed fruit smoothie during a rare snow shower at its factory near to Nsawam in Ghana. The artificial snow shower was produced to show how the product needs to be kept chilled. 
The new smoothie of Mango Orange and Banana (or ‘MOB’) was unveiled by Sales and Marketing Manager, Juliana Agyemang. She said:
“This is our first juice product which doesn’t contain pineapple. It is designed to appeal to Ghanaians who don’t like pineapple, and we believe it’s a healthy, wholesome product which tastes delicious and will give you day a revitalising boost”
She continued:
“Like all our products MOB is 100% fresh and completely natural, therefore it has to be kept chilled and consumed within the expiry date. The same rule applies to fresh fruit and vegetables once they are harvested at the farm and cut open. Our products are simply 100% natural fruit in a bottle, so we say keep it real, keep it chilled.”
Blue Skies freshly squeezed juice is also available in three other refreshing flavours; Pineapple, Pineapple and Ginger and Tropical. They are available in 500ml and 250ml bottles.
The new product is being launched as part of the company’s ‘Founder’s Day’ celebrations which are being held to recognise the achievements of our Founder and Chairman Anthony Pile. Blue Skies Foundation Manager, Alistair Djimatey said:
“Anthony started Blue Skies in Ghana in 1998. He started from scratch and built the business to a company which now employs over 2000 people in three continents, and which is a source of inspiration and pride to so many more. On Founder’s Day we say thank you to Anthony, and look to follow his example by doing something positive for our community, and inspiring others to make a difference.”
Pictured: Staff perform a keep-fit routine as snow falls at the Blue Skies factory in Nsawam!

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