Monday, December 14, 2015

Afia Schwarzenneger Jabs Obinim over Tetteh Quarshie Comment

VIDEO: Afia Schwarzenegger throws jabs at Obinim for Tetteh Quarshie Statement
Radio/Tv personality, Afia Schwarzenneger has once again thrown jabs at the founder and Bishop of the International God's Way Church , Bishop Daniel Obinim, for saying it is a sin to drink milo or eat any cocoa product from Ghana.
In a recent post on Instagram, the 'Aben wo ha' host sarcastically questioned the integrity of the Bishop as to why he says it is a sin to drink milo or eat any cocoa product from Ghana because the first man to introduce cocoa to Ghana stole the cocoa seed from Spanish colony, Fernando Po (Now Bioko in Equatorial Guinea).
It is however unclear where or when the Bishop made this statement but according to - a satire and parody website - it "has been told that Bishop Obinim does not drink MILO or eat any cocoa product including chocolates. And his argument is purely theological; that the first man who brought cocoa seeds to Ghana- Tetteh Quarshie was a thief who stole the first cocoa seeds from Spanish colony Fernando Po (now Bioko in Equatorial Guinea).
For this reason, anyone who drinks MILO or consumes any cocoa product from Ghana, the lineage of Tetteh Quarshie’s stolen seeds is heading straight to hell—because such a person will be regarded as thief in the sight of God." (
Afia Schwarzenegger upon hearing this did not hesistate to take to Instagram to voice her opinion on the issue. In the video, she said, "for the first time, i agree with Obinim, Why will a pastor want to be associated with stolen goods, he doesnt drink milo nor eat chocolate, yes there is wisdom in what he is saying but yet he doesnt hesistate to take offertory from people...extorty money from people and give false prophecies".

She went on to quiz if Ghanaians are waiting for Obinim to shoot President Mahama in the head before they (Ghanaians) realise he (Obinim) is a mad man? She compared him to a mentally challenged man and cautioned Ghanaians to becareful of him (Obinim) or they will wake up one day only to hear on the news that he has murdered his wife, Florence Obinim due to his mental condition.
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