Friday, December 4, 2015

Pastor says it is wrong to preach Jesus Christ

Popular preacher and Prophet, Peter Anamoh of the Machaira of the Pneuman Foundation says it is wrong for people to preach about the personality of Jesus Christ.

Many Christian believers perceive Jesus Christ as their source of life and even equate him to God.

But Prophet Peter Anamoh who now heads the Restore Concept Organisation, says even Christ while he was on earth some 2000 years ago, did not in any way preach about himself but he chose to preach about the Kingdom of God.

He told Atinka News in an interview that Christ “preached a message that was about the Kingdom of God, which is the good news. He said, ‘I was asked to bring to the world, by my Father, God’ (Matthew 4: 17, Luke 4:43)”.
Prophet Peter Anamoh

“So the question now is, how come today’s church is preaching what they are preaching? Therefore, the religious church in this world has gone off track completely.”

Prophet Peter Anamoh is therefore of the view that preachers of today must rather focus on preaching the Kingdom of God rather than preaching Jesus as well as other messages which he describes as “very dangerous”.

“So brethren let us do the right thing now as He, Himself told the disciples He sent out 2000 years ago that, ‘if you go preach this message of the Kingdom of God or Heaven is at hand or near, (Matthew 10:7).

“Because as humans, He knew if he does not caution them, they will decide to preach their own messages as we are doing today, or they might preach things they saw Him do, such as the miracles, etc. and this will, in no doubt, mess the purpose of His coming and affect the salvation mission of mankind.”

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