Friday, December 18, 2015

Mourinho memes: Twitter produces LOADS of Jose Mourinho jokes after sacking

ReutersChelsea manager Jose Mourinho gestures to Porto fans as they chant his name
Goodbye, old friend
It's happened. It's the big one. Jose Mourinho's been sacked by Chelsea . Scenes.
In one sense, it's surprising he hasn't gone already. Considering Roman Abramovich's record of giving Blues bosses the chop, the fact that it's even got to the point where the side are one point off the relegation zone is quite astounding.
Still, that doesn't soften the blow now it's finally fallen. The realisation of his exit is almost too much for us to handle.
It's certainly too much for rival fans on social media to handle, that's for sure. Even a quick glance at Twitter right now shows that Jose's sacking has basically smashed the internet into tiny pieces - the trolls are going absolutely berserk.
Luckily for you, we've taken more than a quick glance. Here's a full Twitter round up of the very best reaction out there - whether it's brutal, hilarious or downright farcical, it's all here for your viewing pleasure.

Some are pleased to see Jose leave the building...

Or very pleased, even...

Others are simply gobsmacked at the news...

While many feel Mourinho will be equally stunned...

Some reckon he won't accept the decision...

Others feel he'll be furious about Abramovich's decision...

Or very, very disappointed...

Some think he'll leave with a heavy heart...

While, finally, a few feel he'll at least leave with his dignity intact.

Oh, Jose. Where did it all go so wrong?

Goodbye, Special One. Goodnight, sweet prince.

Have Chelsea made the right decision in sacking Jose?


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