Sunday, December 6, 2015

How to Make Money Online In Ghana

A little research i conducted revealed that many Ghanaian youth are keen on making money online, right here in Ghana. Well, the research also revealed that many of the online money seekers get fed up after the pursuit of several many promising online money making ventures generate zero income. The annoying fact is that , just when they've made up their minds that making money online in Ghana is a hoax, they see yet another tempting ad that says " Earn $200 dollars a week, working from home." These desperate hungry online money seekers sheepishly follow the link, forgetting about their earlier disappointments. the result  is no better than their previous  efforts. The question now on the minds of most Ghanaians is " Is 'making money online in Ghana' a reality?" To answer this question, we ask yet another logically simple question: Are some people making money online in Ghana? To answer the latter question, i'd ask you to think of websites like highstreetmail, myjoyonline, ghanaweb, businessghana, jobsinghana, campus focus and even (in whispers) ghanaleak. Did you think these organisations were kidding online? No. They are making real money online from their websites. How? We'll tackle that in a bit. So now it's confirmed Some 'gurus' are making money online in Ghana. But the truth is , you can also make money in Ghana, online.

How? I hear you ask " How can i make money online in Ghana?" it's funny, because when people ask this question, they expect to hear
" Oh simple!" Just do this and 'bam' you have your 'doe' flowing into your bank account. Well, if you used to think like that, then i'm sorry to burst your bubbles, but it doesn't work that way. In a world with many economies suffering from recessions, you don't expect people to just pour dollars or pounds into your bank account just because you signed up on a website, or you did some other really easy, lazy, lethargic stuffs. You've got to work to earn. And i mean work real hard. If only you are ready to work for your money online, you're gonna be smiling all the way to the bank, for your money.

So how?
There are several ways to make real money online. the first i'd talk about is the one i already started talkin about.Create a website, if you can't, create a blog. The key word here is work hard. So work hard to make the site very informative, or entertaining. Our aim is to pull as many people as we can to the site. Once again think about this, Why do you go to or, daily for updates? it's because these sites have stuffs that really interest you. So why don't you start off by carrying out a research to know stuffs that People will really be crazy about. Once you're settled on the purpose for your website, gather as much knowledge and info as possible about the site. Once you've pimped your site with interesting stuffs, you can publicize it. Thanks to facebook, this can be done at no cost. create a page on facebook, invite your friends to like the on the page, and create links to your website or blog. Our aim is to build as much traffic as we can on to our website. Once you're getting cool traffic, you can earn from ads on your site. How, there are web advertising brokers. the most popular is Google, with their adsense program.  There are others like chitika, bidvertiser, adbrite, and others. google web advertising brokers, and you'll have a lot of them. sign up for their programs to have ads related to your website content displayed on your site. You get paid when visitors to your site click on the ads.
When your site becomes really popular, you can sell ads directly to local companies. Okay,  now you're grunting that you don't have any knowledge in website designing. My bro, that's not a problem at all. Now, there are lot of online web editors to help you create a website in seconds.  Examples include, w3page, and . if the website idea sounds too big in your ears, you could try a blog, like this one.

If it's your talent you want to put to use, you can do so online and still make money from it. I'm talking about writing. You can sell short stories online. Again you've got to be prepared to work hard. I can help you with websites to help you self publish your stories, but even publishing the best stories on these websites isn't enough to fetch you some bucks. People  have to know about your book, so you've got to promote your book. Again facebook can help. You can also create a blog about your book. You can self publish your book on, Kindles Direct Publishing(KDP), Smashwords, Bookrix, or on your on website. Some of the self publishing websites' payment methods are limited to paypal . If you have a friend or relative abroad, you can use his or her paypal account. others have more flexible payment methods like Bank wire and international transfers.

If you're good with numbers, or you like finance like the way i like football, then online forex is for you. Yes. You can trade currencies online and make money. The profit potential in this business is really huge, but so is the risk. Any finance guru will tell you that the greater the risk, the higher the returns. Since this method of making money is a bit technical, i will refer you to  for a free course there called pipsology. 'yes' in forex, making money is  termed making pips.

For the lazy bums, who don't want to use a lot of brains, you can actually make money from referrals. How does this work? you can sign up for an affiliate account with a referral website. the good news is that many firms pay for referring people to their website. so after you sign up as an affiliate on their website, you get a special link, which you can share on your facebook wall or a code which you can post to your blog. when people visit the website through your link and make a purchase or payment, you get a commission.

So let me reiterate that making money online in Ghana is a reality, that is the good news. the bad news is that you've got to work for it. conduct extensive research, plan, think, be creative, promote. if you are willing to do these stuffs, whether it's a website you want to build to sell ad space, stories you want to sell online, forex or just referrals, you are going to be a very successful online business guru. All the best bro, or sis.

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