Friday, October 23, 2015

Accra International Conference Centre infested with Bed bugs

The Accra International Conference Center is perhaps the most popular venue in Accra where large events are held is currently infested with Bed bugs.

 It is the foremost conference center in the country. It is the most important meeting venue in Ghana, and often plays host to important international gatherings.

It is located in the Christiansborg area in Accra and is close to a number of important locations, such as the Parliament of Ghana, the Accra Sports Stadium, the Independence Arch and the Black Star Square.

That international business can only be attracted with the right infrastructure in place, has long been acknowledged by the Government of Ghana. Hence the importance of the Accra International Conference Centre. The Accra International Conference Centre was built in 1991 to host the Tenth Ministerial Meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement.

Lately due poor management and maintenance culture the facility is in shamble. The foams in the chairs are infested with bed bugs.

During the Technoserve seminar at the centre a journalist had a bug bite on his arms. The earlier authorities take a look at this situation the better

Pictures Below:

Bugs in the foam
bug Bite

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