Monday, September 7, 2015

'Sexy girls can boost Ghana League attendance'

Ghana Football Association President Kwesi Nyantakyi has indicated that his office will explore all practicable mediums in a bid to increase attendance at local league games including using beautiful ladies to woo men to the stadium.

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Many Ghanaian soccer enthusiasts have decried the rock-bottom spectating at Ghana League centres with the Ghana Football Dissociation being called over the coals for its inability to device innovative means of improving the current rate.

But the 48-year-old lawyer, who was recently re-elected for a third term of office has emphasized that his administration will leave no stone unturned in reviving the interest of soccer fans for the Ghana League.

And this time, the FA capo has hinted at a very freaky approach as a measure to attract more fans into the stadium, by using beautiful ladies to romanticize men to league centres.

“Me I have said this thing over and over again…we must let sexy ladies ladies enter our stadia and the men will readily follow them into the stadium to watch games”, Nyantakyi told Montie FM.

“Most of these men when they hear that beautiful girls are coming to the stadium today, they’ll all jump and follow them to the stadium…and they are going there purposely to see the ladies”.

“I remember there was one match the we brought some beautiful girls who were in nice jeans to the stadium and the girls started walking around the stadium and come and see the hysteria it created in the stands”.

“The men in the stands went into frenzy and when the ladies waved at them, come and see how jubilant they (men) were”.

“And so we must try and use all these tricks to boost attendance at the stadium”.

Earlier this year, the Communications Director of the Ghana Football Association, Ibrahim Saanie Daara suggested that the Parliament of Ghana pass a law to prevent Ghanaian free-to-air television stations from showing live foreign league matches in the country.

The former BBC staff Football attributed the low patronage of the local game to the live telecast of foreign leagues, and was of the believe that the introduction of a law to put an end to the live telecast of the foreign leagues, by local televisions would improve attendances at league centres.

Soccer fans will welcome the latest innovate idea by the CAF Exceutive Committee member and how feasible it would be in improving the deplorable attendance at match centres.

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