Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Mzbel blasts critics over her no-underwear photos

Mzbel nudeMzbel has told her detractors to STFU. She said on her Instagram account that she likesexposing herself – and that brings her money.  Mzbel also explained that the photoswithout underwear, that attracted a lot of attention on social media and in the news, were taken during the advertising photo-shoot for a condom company. She also promised her fans that soon they are going to see her body on billboards across the country.
She posted on instagram: “Oh Ghana! This outfit is a one piece sports bikini, a foto shoot for a codom company that will sooner or later be blasted on a billboard, front and back fullpicture, so y’all running ur mouth shld STFU! I AM MZBEL NOT Obaapa Mercy! Mtcheeew WTF… SORRY ButterBeLs (MzbelFans) u know i love u die but had to let this out… #Mzbel #MzbelMusic #TeamHashem #PhotoShoot#HelpStopDumsor#KeepGhanaClean @mzbelphotoshoots

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