Friday, August 14, 2015


Sex is a natural force, alive with spiritual potency and transformative possibility. Some of us can engage in sex causally with little impact on our lives or our work, others of us—most of us—can not. All of it, however, is God force which we bring forth, and how we bring it forth—our intentionality in that space—determines the ways it works in our lives and how it serves us.
Some of us can be casual about our sexual exchanges but shouldn't because the work that we are engaged in requires a kind of spiritual potency that is severely diluted when we introduce too many peoples or the wrong peoples energies into our bodies and into our lives. As I shared on another post, I believe that [sexual] is neither created nor destroyed, it merely changes forms. The forms it takes are a function of our intentionality and how responsibly we handle this awesome power.
I am not speaking here about controlling anyone's sexual expression; I leave that to puritans, misogynist and religious zealots. What I am talking about here is understanding a psycho-spiritual dynamic that has lived implications for all of us, men and women, and thinking about how we use that energy not just for pleasure but as an instrument for enhancing a purpose filled life by infusing it with spiritual vitality. In other words, handling this power responsibly in such a way that it serves to move us towards our highest destiny. You can get your swerve on at 15, what I am talking about is not about getting older but about being grown. Moving beyond being "grown and sexy" to being sexy in ways that shows you're full grown.
How is it that we believe that prayer is powerful and cant see that entering someones body or having some enter our is not an equally powerful spiritual incantation? How is that we can grasp the idea of us being powerful and not bear witness to the powerfulness of bodies joined in soul conversation (sexual intercourse)? What kind of broken logic allows us to see taking vitamins or what we consume as important to our health, and yet remain unable to see that the people we take into our bodies can be either healthy or unhealthy?
Sex can be a kind of prayer, a way of calling forth the god in you, if you will, a way of manifesting fertile possibilities that live and breathe and give our lives enhanced motive force for the beauty we were all created to introduce into the world.

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