Saturday, August 22, 2015

A Successful Ending of aGhanaian Delegation’s Visit to Angola Housing Project of China Dreal Group

In order to develop another important market for China Dreal Group in West Africa---Ghana, a delegation of 6 people from NTHC designated by the Republic of Ghana paid a two-day visit and investigation to Angola housing project of China Dreal Group from May 20th to 22nd, 2014.

Ghana National Trust Holdings Co., LTD. (NTHC) is the leading enterprise in banking investment in the Republic of Ghana. Established in 1976 under the support of National Investment Bank, it is committed to development of the security trading, banking investment and national fund management. It has accumulated decades of rich expertise and technologies and becomes one of the largest state-holding companies and investment companies in the Republic of Ghana. Its core business includes trade security, asset management, financial cooperation, investment and other areas of business. NTHC has a wholly-owned subsidiary----a real estate company that is committed to the development of housing industry and sales business. Since 1979, NTHC has always been functioning as a custodian of the government interests. The innovative financial products designed by NTHC have gained widely good reputation in the industry for its excellent quality, thus winning the honor of European Monetary Award three times. Members of the delegation to our real estate project in Angola include the General Manager of NTHC Real Estate Company Mr. Agboado and other senior managers.

During the Ghanaian delegation’s visit, Board Chairman Yao expressed his sincere gratitude to all members of the delegation. Accompanied by Chairman Yao and top executives of our Group, members of the delegation visited our major projects in Angola including Rose Garden, Austin Garden and Taladona Royal Park. In addition, they also visited the Angola Multi-Design Furniture Company.

The delegation is visiting the sales department of Rose Garden, listening to Chairman Yao’s instruction on the overall planning of the project.

Chairman Yao is guiding the delegation to visit the Rose Garden Project.

Chairman Yao is introducing the work progress to the delegation on the project site.

The delegation is visiting the Angola Multi-Design Furniture Company.

In the afternoon of May 21st, together with group’ stop executives, Chairman Yao held a short meeting with the Ghanaian delegation at the conference room in Group’s Angola headquarters. In a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, Chairman Yao first introduced the delegation in details about the strategic layout of the development of China Dreal Group in Africa, elaborated the investment plan in Ghana and then put forward preliminary conceptions about the feasibility of the cooperation mode. The delegation expressed admiration and respect to the great achievement of China Dreal Group in multi-field investment and development as well as the huge contributions to the amelioration of local people’s livelihood. Besides, the two sides reached broad consensus on sincerity and mutual trust, mutually beneficial and win-win cooperation being the premise of cooperation. We said that marching into Ghanaian market is another significant milestone of the Group in striving for being a powerful international company. We will continue to adhere to the policy of developing on a long-term and localization basis, abide by the local laws and regulations of Ghana and respect the folk customs. We are determined to win the recognition and support from the local government and society through our practical action, as a result, our good brand and sound image will surely be consolidated and improved.

Both parties were at the meeting 

In the evening, the delegation watched a basketball game organized and participated by the staff of our Group. Members of the delegation were deeply touched by the vigor and fighting spirit of the players and frequently thumbed up at the teamwork spirit presented by our staff. On May 22nd, the Ghanaian Delegation’s visit and investigation to our Group’s Angola real estate project came to a successful ending and after that they flew back to Ghana.  The success of this visit represents a significant beginning of China Dreal Group’s comprehensive exploration of Ghanaian market in West Africa. Meanwhile, it means that Ghana paints a new color to the magnificent blueprint of Group’s investment in Africa following Angola, Guinea and Namibia.

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