Monday, July 20, 2015

Second Lady shows maturity; hailed for apologising

The Second Lady, Mrs. Matilda Amissah-Arthur has been hailed for her show of maturity by apologizing for the statement made at a recent donation in Kukrantumi that attracted mixed reactions from the people of Ghana.

Her comment, which was intended to encourage community participation in resourcing the Kukurantumi Presby Basic School, unfortunately, was condemned by many Ghanaians.

Many were those who last week lashed the Second Lady for her comments, with many organised groups calling on her to apologise for what they described as insensitivity on her part.

The Second lady, after listening to the calls on her, last weekend rendered her heartfelt apology for the pain she may have caused with her words and also asked the nation to forgive her.

Subsequently, Ghanaians poured out in their numbers to hail the second lady for her humility and maturity, having accepted that she erred and listened to calls for her to apologize.

At an event at the Jack and Jill School in Accra over the weekend; the second lady said she was taken aback when the headmistress asked for a chalk after she had donated five computers and about 500 books to the basic school, and scolded for her request.

She said her comments didn’t go down well with Ghanaians and, therefore, apologised unconditionally for the unfortunate incident that day.

Mrs. Amissah-Arthur’s advocacy and philanthropic works in education, particularly for children, cut across the entire nation. She has championed the construction of schools, libraries and ICT centers to virtually all the regions in Ghana.

Over the years, her NGO, Reading for Life, has been a channel to reach her target, i.e. organizing reading clinics for children across the country because she appreciates the fact that they are the future leaders of our country.

She has, “told the library story and created some awareness in library use and helped revive the reading culture in the country,” a teacher said.

Speaking to Mr. Kofi Manu, a teacher in the Western region, he stated that humanitarian actions in Ghana are the visible effects of her deep commitment to improving human conditions; especially being attentive to the vulnerabilities and the pain of humanity, and committing her energy and resources for the betterment of the underprivileged, so the need for us to encourage her more.

Other educationists that we spoke to in the Central region said they pray that Mrs. Amissah-Arthur would put this behind her and continue to be generous in giving.

Some concerned teachers in the Volta region said the social, philanthropic works of Mrs. Amissah-Arthur makes her stand out as a hardworking woman who doesn’t discriminate; so the need for all to appreciate her commitment to transforming women and, especially the mothers and children.

Some of her beneficiary schools are the Agona Duakwa Islamic Basic School, Agona Kwanyarko Anglican Basic School all in the Agona East district.

She has also donated educational materials to the Afranse DA Basic School and the Pomadze DA Basic School in Gomoa Central District, Oguaa Football for Hope Centre in Cape Coast, donation of reading materials to the Shama Library in the Shama District, Inauguration of an Information and Communications Technology and Teachers Resource Centre for the people of Lower Bobikuma; inauguration of a 30-million dollar computer laboratory for PLAY Soccer Ghana, a FIFA project based in Cape Coast that uses football and ICT to prepare children under nine years for football and leadership purposes.

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