Saturday, July 25, 2015

Ouch! Emmanuel Adebayor tells Instagram critic, ‘I am richer than you’!!!

If someone told me ‘Linda Ikeji is richer than you’, I would probably say ‘and so what?’ haha…well not Togolese international footballer, Emmanuel Adebayor. The millionaire footballer took to his Instagram to post photos of his  impressive garage which can boast of some of the world’s most expensive rides. “Am blessed!!!!!!!!!!!!! God is good to me!” theTottenham striker captioned the photo. But not everyone saw the need for him to share his ‘blessings’ with the world.
Adebayor was attacked a ‘fan’ who called him out for showing off his riches on his Insatgram. “Blessed indeed..its called show aint as rich as @messi or @cristiano why aint you posting football related stuffs…typical African man,” the fan said.
The footballer fired back at the fan writing : “But I’m richer than you,” before adding, “hahahahaha you are the one crying because of my car.”
The fan however had one last word for Adebayor. “You are just Lame…. so sad..reasons African footballers dont get recognised…you are a typical example.. whats next become a buddhist…lol..from one religion to another..that wouldnt solve your problem you hypocrite kid… learn from real Legends like Didier Ddrogba.”

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