Thursday, July 2, 2015

Leading French online-learning organization reports strong results from going mobile

When it was created in 2011, French company digiSchool was destined to be a pioneer. Unlike other sites, digiSchool offered free teaching content for which users would otherwise have had to pay. The fact that the co-founder of digiSchool, Thierry Debarnot, was well aware of AdSense’s potential also helped.

Thierry discovered AdSense in 2006 when he was keen to increase revenue for his original site,, and applied the lessons he’d learned to digiSchool. As he explains, “It’s possible that without AdSense I’d never have spent so much time online and perhaps digiSchool wouldn’t be here today.” In 2014, digiSchool went international. Today, digiSchool’s portal site is a gateway to 12 other free sites. These are all designed to enable students worldwide, aged between 15 and 25, to learn, study for specific qualifications, and build dynamic learning communities online.

Last year, digiSchool was used by one in two French high school and college students, and one in three French junior high school students. As you might expect from a pioneer, digiSchool was an early adopter of the opportunity presented by the mobile and tablet revolution. Currently, the company offers a total of 17 applications that cover anything from spelling in five languages to studying for a driving licence. The challenge Going mobile was important to digiSchool, and they had to decide how to approach it. Thierry explains, “Depending on the device, a user needs very specific interfaces. We had to figure out whether content worked best on a mobile site or an app.”

After extensive user testing, the company established that mobile apps were best for delivering content like quizzes, lessons and videos, but a mobile site was better for reading the news. This is when digiSchool turned to Responsive Web Design (RWD). Responsive Web Design RWD has been key to the success of digiSchool’s mobile site. This scalable, complete solution doesn’t require changes across multiple sites, and has enabled digiSchool’s mobile site to evolve rapidly. At the same time, RWD content is more user-friendly to navigate, which has helped digiSchool offer RWD mobile sites for its other services.

All the signs suggest that RWD is working for digiSchool. As Anthony Kuntz says, “When it comes to education and young people, we’re mobile leaders, with more than two million unique users every month.” Implementing RWD has clearly improved the mobile user experience and now users spend 25 percent more time on the mobile site than they previously did. The company also earns 20 percent more from its mobile site users than it does from its desktop site users.

 Leading French online-learning organization reports strong results from going mobile About digiSchool Lyon, France Offers educational courses via an online portal, 12 sites, and 17 apps Goals Deliver best experience to users Monetize mobile experience Grow worldwide presence Approach Prioritize mobile Monetize with Google solutions Use RWD on mobile sites Results Massive jump in daily mobile page views from 57,000 to 500,000 25% increase in time spent on mobile site Two million unique views on mobile every month Over 25% of monthly turnover is generated on mobile devices "Because of the business we now do on mobile devices, we’ve become leaders in digital education in France and are expanding abroad."

Thierry Debarnot Co-founder digiSchool Google Case Study – Page 1/2 Working with Google Today, digiSchool uses DoubleClick for Publishers Small Business (DFP Small Business), Google’s ad management solution for publishers, to serve a significant number of campaigns. They also use DoubleClick AdExchange, AdSense and AdMob to generate income for the company.

Looking ahead Looking to the future, digiSchool regards mobile as its lever for growth. They are committed to transitioning all services and content to mobile as quickly as possible. In 2014 alone, digiSchool invested approximately 35 percent of its turnover to develop its entire mobile offering, including both site and applications. After all, without this commitment, they wouldn’t be a market leader for digital education in France.

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