Saturday, July 11, 2015


Science and Technology we all believe is indispensable to societies. As such, any country in this century that exempt herself from science and technology is deemed less powerful. Most powerful countries like USA, China, Japan, Germany and the like are known for their outstanding performances in technology especially automobile production.
Africa is always talked of as ‘blessed’ continent in terms of natural resources, but most if not all of the inhabitants prefer to live outside its territory. The need for Ghana and Africa to boast about technology has compelled the greatest African technologist and industrialist, Apostle Dr Kwadwo Safo, to put Ghana on the world’s technology map. paid a visit to Apostle Safo Suaye Technology Research Centre (ASSTRC) at Gomoa Mpota to take insight in the third electric car made. According to Mr Nyansaba Kwasi Safo, the leader of the electric car research team, the Kantanka Odeneho III is a breakthrough for electric car technology. He said the Odeneho III is a step up in the initial Odeneho models that had been exhibited by the technologist in the last two years. What makes the car so special than any other electric car made?
Kantanka Odeneho is a five-passenger seating four-wheel drive (4WD) without an internal combustion engine. It runs on a total prime over power of 144V DC been generated by 12 accumulators. There are two charging systems for the car- an external charging system and an internal charging system. The internal charging system uses an extra accumulator to power an invertor and the invertor simultaneously charges the 12 batteries while the car is accelerating. The internal charging is manual and can be switched on or off when the car is in motion. The external charging system uses 144Vwhich makes it suitable for the world market.
The charging modes are Quick Charge Mode and an Overnight Charge Mode. The Quick Charge Mode takes a maximum of 15 minutes to complete the charging and the Overnight Charge Mode takes a maximum of three hours to complete the charging. The life span of the accumulators is estimated to be a year. Thus, it is far economical than any vehicle on the market.
The vehicle has a maximum speed of 240Km/h and a take off speed of 20Km/h. At the maximum speed, it takes a maximum of 10 second to bring the car to a complete stop. The car has a stereo player as well as an internal cooling fan unlike other electric cars on the market.
With science and technology being indispensable to human existence, the best offer to give to Ghana currently is to commercially invest in the researches being conducted at ASSTRC. We thus call upon all Africans to rally behind these environmentally friendly and logistically feasible researches at ASSTRC.

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