For the project, Clooney partnered with John Prendergast from the advocacy group – the Enough Project.
According to a statement by the Enough Project on Monday, The Sentry will investigate and track financing behind conflicts in Africa like those in South Sudan, Sudan and the Democratic Republic of Congo.
Prendergast is a human rights activist who used to be an African Director of the US National Security Council. He decried the fact that the “conventional tools of diplomacy” has failed to solve these crises so there must be thoughts and efforts around how to ensure that war is “more costly than peace.”
“The objective of The Sentry is to follow the money and deny those war profiteers the proceeds from their crimes,” said Prendergast.
A statement by The Sentry described their goal as one which will “dismantle the networks of perpetrators, facilitators and enablers who fund and profit from Africa’s deadliest conflicts”, which the project identified as South Sudan, Sudan, the CAR and DR Cong