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Don't Buy any Power Bank until You Ask Yourself These Questions

Don't Buy any Power Bank until You Ask Yourself These Questions
As a backup battery, power banks have surged in popularity in the recent years following the increase of mobile devices, especially mobile phones which require a lot of charging.
Before buying a power bank, ask yourself these questions: 

Who is the manufacturer of the power bank?
Consider a trusted brand and buy a power bank that comes with warranty of at least 1 year. Many sellers provide warranty of 14-days to 1 month. This is a strong indicator that you are getting a low quality power bank.

Where are you buying the power bank from?
There are plenty of shady sellers selling fake/counterfeit products. Be sure to get your power bank from an authorized seller to prevent getting fake products.

What’s the battery quality of the power bank?
Battery quality ranges from Grade A to reject batteries. High quality batteries will have higher conversion rate, lifecycle, and more consistent performance. Poor quality, on the other hand, may cause damage to phone batteries and are more prone to overheating.
What’s the price, capacity and size of the power bank?
The higher the capacity of the power bank, the larger it is in size as well as price. If a very high capacity power bank, for e.g. 30,000mAh is sold at a very low price, it’s probably too good to be true.

Does this power bank come with operating and safety instructions?
Always read operating and safety instructions and understand how the power bank should be used. Be wary of power banks that comes without user manual, these power banks are often unregulated and may carry safety risk

What type of cables and chargers can I use? Are these supplied with the power bank or do I have to use my own? 
Typically, power bank comes with its own set of charging cable.

How can I tell when the power bank is fully charged?
This is crucial as some power bank does not come with automatic cut-off. One can easily overcharge such power banks and lead to safety hazard.

What safety protection features does this power bank come with?
Look for power banks that come with safety protection features such as over-charge protection, short-circuit protection, over-heat protection, over-current protection or over-voltage protection.
What safety testing and certification information is available?
Power bank with good safety feature should carry FCCCE and RoHS certifications

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