Wednesday, July 1, 2015

BET Denies Presenting Best International Act Award Back Stage - "This was not backstage"

According to Fuse ODG, he did not attend BET this year because BET “give our awards backstage! You have no respect for our hard work and achievements".

But BET commenting on the on an instagram user's comment urging BET to present its audience with new faces denied presenting the awards backstage.
The user @itsmiclare commented on UK Based rapper Stormzy who beat Fuse to the award;
"Sweethearts we luv u and thank u but please change your ways. Most people anticipate receiving their awards but u present the awards backstage or weird places. We want new faces if u r promoting other artistes around the world, show them to’s the viewers that have voted not u.Just saying"
But a representative of BET in charge of the social media replied;
@bet_intl “This was not backstage. It was on the BET Awards stage. @itsmiclare” 

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