Monday, July 27, 2015

10 year-old CEO cooking serious style

What were you doing when you were 10 years old? What dreams did you have for yourself? Did you ever consider starting your own business? 'Mr 

Cory' is doing just that and doing it in style too!

It all started when, 5 years ago on a bus ride, Cory “Mr Cory” Nieves told his mother he was tired of commuting and wanted to buy her a car. He devised a business idea of selling hot cocoa to come up with the capital.
That idea grew into a going concern which eventually diversified to lemonade and cookies. Every item he sold went for $1.00 but it was his cookies that expanded his client base as word spread.
Now, Mr Cory’s Cookies is a growing enterprise in the lucrative cookie market and he sells an all-natural flavour line-up and sugar-free cookies for the health-conscious. He plans to sell the recipe through the company website soon.
When he’s not crunching numbers and having business meetings, the 10 year-old CEO uses some of the profits from his business to give back to the community and he’s keen on starting a program for young entrepreneurs from low-income backgrounds.
This boy’s doing so much with his life and he hasn’t even reached puberty. In this instance, shouldn’t one be allowed to feel just a LITTLE jealous?

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