Saturday, May 23, 2015

Who begged who? Ace Hood calls Sarkodie a 'liar'

Who begged who? Ace Hood calls Sarkodie a 'liar'The aftermath of the collaboration between Sarkodie and American hiphop artiste Ace Hood seems to be getting a negative publicity now. The Ghanaian rapper confirmed in an interview with Accra-based Starr FM on Thursday that indeed Ace Hood contacted him for the collaboration.  

 However, a counter claim by the American suggests Sarkodie rather paid to shoot a video for the song, New Guy. Sarkodie was in Miami, US, to shoot the video with Ace Hood and due to that the Ghanaian rapper missed the much publicised #dumsormuststop vigil in Accra last Saturday, a vigil he helped to organise and promoted with a song. 

On his return after shooting the video, Sarkodie told Starr FM Thursday, that the American hiphop artiste contacted him for the collaboration. “I didn’t make any announcement because basically I kind of doubted it which is bad but then such a call always makes you feel like ‘is it like a prank or something’ so I got my agents in the States who actually contacted me that Ace Hood contacted,” he said. 

Stressing that Ace Hood made the approach, the BET award winner explained that, “mostly it happens the other way round when Africans try to get the attention of these people.” Sarkodie then revealed that Ace Hood has a fan base is in Accra and that “when he [Ace Hood] kind of checked out what was happening in Africa, [he] look[ed] at the bunch of people he can connect with, the type of sound that he was looking for and then lucky for Sark it was me.” “I actually ended up advising Ace [Hood],” he added. 

But in a dramatic twist of events, Ace Hood has come out to disclose that he never contacted Sarkodie and that the Ghanaian paid for the collaboration. According to Ace Hood, the Ghanaian rapper paid $25,000 for him to feature on the song. 

An Ace Hood fan saw an article from the Starr interview with the heading, “Video: Sarkodie Reveals How Ace Hood “Begged Him” For A Collabo + All About ‘New Guy’ Song”. The fan, @cazalbek, wasn’t amused about the story forcing him to tweet that: “This is some bulls**t! Cuz this low ass ni**a sarkodie disrespecting Ace? The ni**a be u for sh*t! U was…” 

This made another fan, @kafuitrevor, respond: “Am sure he didn’t mean that gh media always like to twist sh*t” to which @cazalbek responded, “well the he better fix that news before @Acehood hears about it. Ciz Ace is the wrong ni**a to f**k with trust me!” Then Ace Hood stepped in to clear the air stating, “@cazalbek @kafuitrevor let me find out ni**as spreading false rumors! When dat 25k ($25,000) hit my [account] the feature got done! I don’t play dem games”.

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