Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Trending: Miss World Zimbabwe winner to lose her crown after boyfriend leaks her nudes

Just over a week after being crowned Miss World Zimbabwe, Emily Kachote risks being dethroned after pictures of her in the nude went viral on social media. A local publication quoted Emily admitting the images were hers, adding that they were taken by a former boyfriend.
“I was hoping that the pictures would have been deleted by now since it happened a long time ago. I last spoke to the guy a year ago and I no longer have anything to do with him since what we had ended a long time ago,” she reportedly said.
The development comes after Miss Zimbabwe Trust chairperson Mary Chiwenga stoked controversy by ordering that the top five finalists and eventual winners of this year’s pageant were not allowed to have boyfriends for the next 12 months. At a hurried press conference in Harare Monday morning, Miss Zimbabwe Trust communication and programmes manager, Tendai Chirau, said the organisation was examining the nude images saga before making a final decision.
Chiwenga did not attend the press briefing as she was said to be out of the country and expected back on Friday.
“We have to sit down as a Trust and look at the allegations and investigate further so that we come up with a position,” said Chirau.
“But, in the interim, if we find out the allegations that have been written in the local press are true, what will automatically happen is she will be dethroned because we have some rules and regulations that govern the trust.”
Chirau added that when the Trust was scouting and auditioning contestants, all the girls were advised not to participate if they had any issues that might compromise them, including nude pictures that might be leaked through social media.
“We told them clearly and most of them said no and they signed some forms undertaking that they have never posed nude.”
He went on to say that the local pageant’s rules and regulations were the same as those used internationally by Miss World.
The Miss Zimbabwe Trust programmes manager if the Miss Zimbabwe is dethroned the 1st Princess automatically takes over. Rights activists have since condemned the announcement that the top five Miss World Zimbabwe pageant finalists were not allowed to have boyfriends over the next twelve months.
Most said the rules were archaic and not only shocking and preposterous but also a clear violation of one’s fundamental rights and freedoms.
Speculation is rife that the 25-year-old financial advisor, Kachote, might lose her crown this week after she confirmed that the circulating pictures are hers. However, Kachote, attacked for being ugly says they were taken ‘sometime back’ when she was drunk. She told H-Metro that she was photographed when she went for sleep over at her ex-boyfriend place.
“I have always suspected that those pictures would circulate but it happened a long time ago and I believe my past does not determine where I am going,” she said.
“I once hanged out with a guy whom I was dating at that time, we went to his place and we had some drinks and I had no control over everything that happened during that night because I was under the influence of alcohol. I was hoping the pictures wouldhave been deleted by now since it happened a long time ago and I last spoke to the guy a year ago and I no longer have anything to do with him since what we had ended a long time ago,” she added.
Last year, Thabiso Phiri stepped down from the prestigious Miss Zimbabwe position after photographs she took of herself bare went viral. 

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