Wednesday, May 6, 2015

‘Ghanaian players in Thailand now rice farmers and sex workers’

There have been several stories, seemingly scathing, of Ghanaian players engaged in immoral activities in Thailand to earn some money because they are unable to secure football clubs.

Sadly, former Accra Great Olympics lynchpin, Andy Pomayie has confirmed this and many more activities that the players engage in far away Thailand.

The former national star who played in Thailand for a while, revealed that some of the African Footballers who go to Thailand end up as sex workers, sleep with various women and get paid for that while others also end up becoming rice farmers in Thailand.

“It is true that most of the African players who go to Thailand end up doing weird jobs. Some of them earn their income from sleeping with women.

Others also become rice farmers, even though, their primary aim of going to Thailand was to play football. It is mostly a futile venture for people to leave Ghana for Thailand to play football because it is not worth it,” Andy said o Accra-based Happy FM.

Andy Pomayie advised footballers to stop considering a move to Thailand for a football career because the agents who lure them don’t usually tell them the truth.

“I will advise footballers to dump their hopes of going to play professional football in Thailand because it is not a worthwhile venture.

The so called football agents take so much money from the players and when they get to Thailand, they don’t get any club to play for. I was fortunate because three weeks after my arrival, I got a team.” Andy added.

Andy Pomayie also had stints at Bangladesh and India.

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