Monday, May 11, 2015

Euroget Resumes Work On 9 Hospitals Project In Ghana

Ghana will soon benefit from the construction of nine ultra-modern hospitals to be located across different parts of the country. The project is to be sited in places such as Kumasi, Wa, and other regional capitals.
One of the hospitals is to be sited in Kumasi with staff houses and five hundred capacity beds, and will be under the administration of the military.
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Euroget De-Invest Dr. Said Deraz, said, “Construction activities for the hospitals are firmly on the ground. I will personally make sure that progress will continue at full speed for the citizens of Ghana to enjoy the best possible healthcare facilities in the country.”
Among other things, two regional hospitals in Wa and Kumasi with staff houses and a capacity for four hundred and ten beds(410 beds). There will also be six district hospitals for Salaga, Nsawkwa, Tepa, Konongo, Twifo-Praso and Madina with staff houses and a capacity for four hundred beds.
In a release regarding financing of the project, Euroget say report that “the commercial and financial files prepared by them received cabinet/executive and parliamentary approvals on the 29th of October 2008 and the 12th November 2008 respectively.”
“To secure the financing of the overall project, EUROGET DE-INVEST s.a signed a Credit Facilities Agreement with the Ministry of Finance of the Government of Ghana on the 20th of November, 2008 and obtained the requisite public procurement and internationally audited value for money approvals.“
The company received the necessary financial guarantees from the finance ministry, in relation to the Credit Agreement. “These guarantees provided collateral in order to finance the designing, engineering, construction and equipping of the nine hospitals.”
The company has assembled both Ghanaian and international contractors for the civil and electro-mechanical works of the hospitals.“
Fifty one specialist medical suppliers from all the continents of the world have applied to supply the medical and non-medical equipment for the nine hospitals,” the release said.

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