Friday, May 8, 2015

Dumsor is beyond prayers – Rev Christie Doe Tetteh

Leader of Solid Rock Chapel Reverend Christie Doe Tetteh says the current energy crisis has gone beyond asking for divine intervention.

Discussing the effects of the energy crisis on mothers and female professionals, the spiritual leader argued that the power crisis is down to “negligent” decision-making by managers in the energy supply chain in Ghana.

Ghanaians have been enduring a harsh erratic power supply for the past three years.

What started as a damage on an undersea gas pipeline in Ghana's territorial waters has exploded into a full-blown energy crisis which has defied short-term solutions and promises much to the chagrin of many consumers.

Weighing in on the trending national irritant, Christie Doe Tetteh complained that people “wait forever” in the hope to get power as predicted on a load shedding timetable.

But they ended up disappointed.

“You are on the pulpit, you are preaching [and] suddenly [off].....You go to church and there is no light. You pay so much money to get a plant just to use for a few hours”, she said.

A deeply religious people, many Ghanaians believe divine intervention can play a significant role in solving a national crisis and many have called for prayers to help solve the country's problems.

But Rev. Tetteh told Joy FM's Super Morning Show dedicated to Mother's Day, that dumsor has gone past the stage where prayers is relied on as a solution.

"'I'm sicked and tired of this" she said.

According to the founder, it is time for Ghanaians and consumers to "face realities" because "this is beyond prayers"

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