Monday, May 4, 2015

Airtel expands fibre optic network in Ghana

Airtel Ghana has completed the expansion of its fibre optic cables in Accra, Kumasi and Takoradi in a development, according to Airtel, poised to enable customers experience superior network capability. This includes including speeds of up to 42mbps on compatible devices.
According to the mobile operator, the expansion is set to enable a more mobile lifestyle for customers who are continuously on the go – to watch video, access the Internet, connect to social media, do advanced transactions via Airtel Money, officials said.
According to Airtel Ghana, with the continued growth of the network, people in more areas of Ghana will be able to take advantage of the speed and connectivity offered by the network.
“We continue to offer the very best network, and we will continue to introduce new innovations and expand covered markets to ensure even more coverage across Ghana.
“Customers can take advantage of the benefits of the increased speed from 21.6mbps to 42mbps on compatible devices that the Smart Phone Network brings to consumers, small businesses and enterprises” said Manu Rajan, Marketing Director, Airtel Ghana.
Rajan added that: “This year represents a year of growth and investment in our network.”

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