Saturday, March 7, 2015


I WILL TELL THE BIG SIX – EFUA SUTHERLAND PARK NOW AN EYESORE… When I was growing up, each time the Efua Sutherland Park/ Children’s Park was mentioned I beamed with smiles and so much joy at the thought of having an experience of a lifetime. The mention of the park embedded promises of horse rides, roller coaster rides, train rides etc.

These days however, the thought and sight of the place leaves me wondering about our seriousness as a country. A park that was full of life and energy is almost dead and if not for is location at the heart of the capital it would have been a ghost town by now. The park has been reduced to village events grounds where political parties hold rallies and some artistes hold mini events.


I look at the development Ghana has experienced over the past decade and I can’t fathom why we will let such an asset which has the potential to generate huge levels of revenue for the country waste away. Several countries which are developing are now trying to build theme parks and the like to generate revenue and luckily for us we have one situated at the heart of the capital which we can take advantage of.

The park is located close to two of the finest hotels in Ghana, Novotel and Movenpick hotels, and these hotels have quite a sizeable number of guests. My street business knowledge tells me that if we develop the place and fill it with a lot of play toys and roller coasters, it could serve as an alternative relaxation centre for the families on vacation at these hotels or who come on business trips with their children. If we renovate the place and turn it into a modern day theme park like the ones we have in the western world or those even in South Africa and Egypt, we can make huge amounts of money from those who would like to use the facilities.

Beyond its commercial value, we will be doing ourselves some good as it will help in the beautification of the capital. Beautiful cities attract more tourists and are highly regarded around the world. If you live in a beautiful city too, you naturally get a sense of fulfillment that you have lived a good life.

There is the potential windfall of job creation which will reduce the high unemployment levels we have in the country. We will also be living a legacy behind for our children to build on and achieve the kind of development we all crave dearly for.

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