Thursday, September 23, 2010

the dawn of new hope

From the east, west, north and south have we heard of the cry for liberty and freedom. In the eras of mankind and black history, the dark colour of the skin had become a curse to the innocent ones who bore them. They wake up each and every day to oppression and segregation. They wonder each day whether there will be hope for the liberty they dream about. Who will ameliorate their suffering, who will comfort them. Who will lead them to the grounds of milk and honey. Who will sooth them, who will bring dignity to them. Who will make them proud of their skin colour and assure them that it is not a curse. Dark skin men with intellectual faculty had dreamt of these days. They have spoken of these, and they have hoped it will surely come. Martin Luther king jr. was one of such. But alas we have we entered the cannan of our dream, Moses (Martin Luther king jr.) could not enter cannan. But however Joshua ( Barack Obama jr) had enter cannan with the promised generation. A generation of men but not of black and the white. A generation where all men are equal no matter the skin colour. A generation of peace, liberty, freedom and prosperity. A generation when indeed we sit down in chairs and say this is how far the lord had brought us. A generation when we shall not smell any aroma of division. A generation where all men shall be one. A generation who shall say "Yes we can" to every adverse situation. A generation of achievers. A generation who shall say "God bless America and the rest of the world". A generation whose aim would be to sincerelly help the fellow poor and needy. A generation of a socialist and equal distributive mentality. This is the promised generation. A DAWN OF NEW HOPE HAD INDEED COME.

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