Wednesday, September 15, 2010

APOCALYPSE: The rise and fall of kingdoms

O men of valour whose ambitions runs to the sky

Do you not know, have you not heard

It been told from the beginning
 Beware all ye kingdoms who exhault yourselves above all things
 And all forces for the apocalpse is nigh
 From the cradle of life, man did came to being
The gathering of men to a common goal, interest
 And means of survival bore society
 From the Bosom of Asia came Mesopotamia
 And the land of riches brought forth the mighty Egypt
 The cradle of man, where the Pharoahs did reigned.
 Out of the earth came empires
 Both frightening and harmonious
 But yet are no where to be found
 The mighty Persia boast of her great army
 And the efficacy of her arrows even on feast and on battle grounds
 Saying " The mighty army of the Persian will descend upon you
 And our arrows would blot-out the sun.
 A fall, Xerxes the god-king could not comprehend
 Even at the hands of the Spartans who did howls
 " Till the last man falls, we proceeds forth for retreat is abominable"
 Troy whose walls reach into the sky was but for a while
The seemingly harmless gift, the Trojan horse built
 From the ingenuity of Odysseus himself caused the greatest harm
 'For I have found Rome built of sun-dried brick, 
I leave her clothed in marble' boasted Augustus.
 Yet the Colosseum, the heart beat of Rome shattered
I came, I saw, I conquer, the very own words of Napoleon Bonaparte
 Whose empire could not survive the fate of its eminent collapse.

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